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Woman Climbs Into X-Ray Machine After Refusing To Leave Her Handbag To Security Checks

She doesn’t want to be separated from her belongings.

A woman caused a commotion at a train station in China after she got into the x-ray machine during routine security checks. According to a local report, the woman was worried about leaving her handbag and other stuff through the conveyor belt.

When she was asked to surrender her handbag for inspection, she refused to part with it and instead climbed into the machine. Naturally, the security staff was shocked to see a figure of a person on the monitor.

This woman refuses to be separated from her belongings at a train station security check.

Source: Pear Video
It is believed she worried about having her things stolen.

Source: Pear Video

Interestingly bizarre images of the woman show that she was still wearing her heels while being recorded by the x-ray machine. She was positioned just behind her things as they were being passed through the check.

The said incident happened at the Dongguan train station, Pear Video reported.

The woman can also be seen getting off the X-ray machine.

Source: Pear Video
She calmly did this with millions of passengers around.

After getting off the X-ray machine, the woman then quickly checked her purse and her suitcase before leaving the area. She was making sure that she still has everything. Talk about going the extra mile to make sure all her belongings are still there. The woman didn’t seem to care about the millions of passengers in the train station who are also busy trying to get back home in time for the Lunar New Year.

It remains unclear what’s inside the woman’s bag that must be so valuable that she was willing to expose herself to the radiation. Dongguan Railway Station has already advised passengers not to do what the woman just did because those scanners emit harmful radiation.

Watch the bizarre video below.

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Vegan Woman Drinks Bestfriend’s Semen Every Morning To Keep Healthy

She takes a spoonful daily.

Going organic or natural is one of the strongest health trends today. It gets mixed reactions though - not all like the tasting kale in their shake or the feel of homemade natural shampoo in their hair. But none of these natural "wonders" can draw extreme reactions as this vegan woman's health drink of choice - sperm.

Tracy Kiss, a single mother of two from Buckinghamshire, consumes semen regularly, as in she drinks it every morning. She does this to stay healthy, she says.

The 29-year old personal trainer gets her supply of fresh man juice from her bestfriend.

She takes only a spoonful daily, which is apparently enough to boost her health....

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40 of the Most Horrible Photoshop Fails Ever

And this, my friend, is why using Photoshop comes with great responsibility.

Photoshop is a genuine gift to humanity, a handy tool perfect for making images look stellar. This software, however, is not a complicated one to use. You just have to be patient and dedicated to learn every single one of its features. Sadly, when used in the wrong hands, it can entirely defeat a certain purpose.

This Photoshop fails we compiled refer exactly to people who – sorry for the term – greatly suck at using this software. And if you are wondering how these mistakes moved past editing, well, we do not know for sure. Scroll down below and be prepared to cringe. But hey, they are so bad that they actually become hilarious.

#1. They are probably wearing pants with camouflage technology.

Source: theonlyjamie
#2. When all of a sudden your little girl became a demon.


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40 Times Librarians Proved They Have a Great Sense of Humor

Whoever said librarians have no great sense of humor?

Libraries have long been associated with the word “silence.” You read all the books you want as long as you keep your mouths shut. Or, if you have to talk, you must have to whisper. Apparently, humor is part of every library in the world.

Elite Readers has compiled a list of librarians who, in one way or another, found a way to introduce humor. From mocking visitors’ requests to motivating students in a hilarious way, this funny compilation will definitely get your attention. Check them out below!

#1. When you are a librarian who loves to wear a panda hat.

#2. Troll librarian found.


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