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Woman Asks For Goodbye Kiss After Boyfriend Breaks Up With Her, Ends Up Biting His Tongue

Authorities had to use a pepper spray for her to let go.

Depending on the seriousness of the relationship, the degree of emotional pain varies from one individual to another after a relationship breakup. However, in some cases, a breakup can cause physical pain, too, just like what this man from China experienced after he called it quits with his girlfriend.

A 23-year old Chinese man, who is only identified with his surname Liu, experienced the adage “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” after he broke up with his girlfriend, whom reports refer to as Ms. Zhou.

Based on the accounts of the onlookers, the guy was discussing breakup with his now estranged girlfriend. Apparently, the woman eventually agreed but asked for one last favor: A goodbye kiss.

The incident happened in the street of Qianshan in Anhui Province

Source: YouKu

As the two locked lips in public, the woman bit the tongue of the man and refused to let go. As seen on the video uploaded by a Chinese citizen, Liu was clearly in pain but Zhou did not budge.

Since the woman did not want to stop biting, authorities were left with no choice but to use pepper spray so that the woman would be forced to let go of the man’s tongue locked between her upper and lower sets of teeth.

Thankfully, the strategy worked and Liu was then brought to the hospital. Reports tell us that he did not sustain serious or permanent injuries to his tongue.

According to the parents of Zhou, their daughter has recently become mentally unstable after she was scammed by an online shopping site.

Source: YouKu

The parents also added that she had been treated for a mental illness in the past.

“Her parents said she had received treatments in Hefei for five years and then she had fully recovered,” police officer Wu Changfeng said in an interview.

The lesson? Beware if your partner asks for a ‘goodbye kiss.’

Source: YouKu

It was also learned that Liu and Zhou had been in a relationship for several years already. When asked whether their daughter and Liu had, indeed, broken up after the scandalous incident, Zhou’s parents refused to comment.

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