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Terrifying Moment Two Wildlife Officers Bravely Rescue A Trapped Cougar


Wildlife conservation officers risk their lives every day to help even the most dangerous animals. It’s a heroic and noble career, and these men and women courageously fulfill their responsibilities with great pride.

When Division of Wildlife Resources employee Mark Ekins and his colleague learned that a cougar was caught in a bobcat trap in the Pine Valley Mountains in southern Utah, they did not hesitate in rescuing the large cat.

Carrying nothing but catchpoles, they bravely freed the mountain lion in the suspenseful six-minute footage below.

To release its front paw from the trap, they have to put the loop on its head and hind leg to get the cougar to lie down and stretch out.

“Trappers in the state of Utah are a huge asset in controlling predator populations, and essential in wildlife management,” Mr. Ekins said.

Watch the video:

The cougar, which is otherwise called a mountain lion, puma, or panther, is the second largest cat in North America. It is a mysterious and elusive animal, and its behavior is often unpredictable.

These predators are on top of the food chain. Although they rarely attack humans, and may only do so if cornered, it is probably best to stay smart and avoid interacting with these creatures. However, according to The Clymb, “A cougar encounter does not necessarily lead to a cougar attack.”

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