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Why Sin Eating Was Once The Worst Job In The World

Technically, it was a thankless job.


If you think you are unfortunate for having to hold on to a job that you think sucks, bear in mind that at one point in history, there were people who went the extent of risking their salvation just for money. For the so-called Sin Eaters then, it did not matter if they had to suffer eternal damnation in hell for as long they could eat and have some coins in their pockets.

While a Sin Eater is already a thing of the past, there is no questioning that it held the notion as being the worst job in England, Scotland, and Wales where it was practiced from the Middle Ages until the early 1900s. You see, a Sin Eater had to eat a piece of bread placed on the chest of a dying person, otherwise known as a sin-soaked bread, while the family of the would-be departing person watched, prayed, and drank a flagon of ale.

By eating the sin-soaked bread, it was believed then that a Sin Eater could absolve the dying person from his sins, and his chances of entering heaven would improve.

A Sin Eater had to eat a piece of bread placed on the chest of a dying person.

If a Sin Eater still existed in modern times, skeptics would point out that his job is downright disgusting. After all, he would be eating something that is exposed to germs or viruses coming from the dying person’s body, especially if the person is suffering from a certain disease.

Back then, however, the major setback for being a Sin Eater was isolation as it was believed that by eating the sin-soaked bread, he did not only absolve the sins of the dying person but also absorbed them, too. Hence, the more clients he had, the more sinful he became in the eyes of society. Furthermore, it was believed that looking at the eyes of a Sin Eater could mean a curse, so a Sin Eater was treated as an outcast – until his services were needed again.

By eating the bread, it was believed that the Sin Eater could absolve the sins of the dying person and save his soul from hell.

A Sin Eater was considered to serve two purposes: Saving the soul of a person from hell, and preventing his soul from becoming a wandering ghost on earth. Even just for a few schillings (which is equivalent to a few dollars today} and a free meal, he risked his soul to what was then believed as eternal damnation.

While the Soul Eater was believed to save the soul of a dying person and prevent him from becoming a ghost roaming on earth, he was treated like an outcast.

Now, how bad is your job again?


Touching Plane Crash Memorial Site Spotted via Google Maps

The incident claimed 170 lives and its memorial is beautifully haunting.

On September 19, 1989, international passenger plane UTA Flight 772 was en route from Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo to the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. Tragically, the aircraft never made it to its destination as a bomb in the cargo hold blew up, causing it to break up over the Sahara desert.

The explosion, which later became known as the deadliest plane-related incidents in Niger, claimed the lives of all the 156 passengers and 14 crew members. French investigators later confirmed that it was an attack by Libyan terrorists.

Fast forward to 2007, Les Familles de l’Attentat du DC-10 d’UTA, an associated of the victims’ families, created a beautiful memorial for their departed loved ones. Now the said memorial is visible via Google Maps and Google Earth.

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Awesome World Map Shows Literal Translations of Every Country’s Name

Do you know the meaning of your country’s name?

Created by Australia-based company Credit Card Compare, this cool world map has recently been making rounds on the internet. The said map has sparked the interest of numerous netizens from across the globe as it featured literal translations of country names.

Of course, one thing we’ve immediately realized while looking at it is that certain factors are considered when it comes to naming countries – from geographical locations and wildlife, to popular persons, among many others.

You’ll see what that means as you scroll down below and see how the names turned out.

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9 Interesting Facts About Al Capone

The Scarface was indeed a strange and interesting guy.

Almost everyone in this world knows Al Capone as someone who was badass. Widely known as “Scarface,” the notorious US gangster was among America’s most feared gang leaders. And, of course, there was every reason to be. Although the infamous (and bloody) St. Valentine’s Day Massacre brought him his downfall, this guy lived to be a legend.

The massacre, in particular, saw at least seven rival gang members brutally gunned down. Unfortunately for Capone, this severely damaged his public reputation. This mess particularly hurt his image in Chicago where he had built up his criminal empire.

Although the Scarface was widely known for his criminal activities, he still had some strange and interesting stories to share.

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