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This is Why You Should Totally Pee in the Shower

…and it has absolutely nothing to do with hygiene.

Dondi Tiples





People don’t really think twice about peeing in the toilet. Its an everyday occurrence. Its what they’ve been potty trained to do since childhood.

But do you know it would be infinitely much better if we retrain ourselves to pee in the shower instead? While most people would turn their noses up at the seemingly unhygienic practice of urinating while showering (imagine your pee running down your leg), getting used to this new habit is more important now than ever before.

It all boils down to water conservation.

Woman taking shower and smiling through steamy glass with shampoo soap suds on her head. Vienna, Austria.

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Man-made climate change and inefficient use of water resources around the world has water tables dropping lower as the planet heats up.

Do you know that flushing water down the toilet accounts for a staggering 27 percent of al U.S. water usage? Assuming an adult pees seven times in a day, and flushes every single time, that’s seven to 31 liters per flush. This adds up to 41 liters of water a day flushed down the toilet. A single U.S. citizen can waste up to 17,000 liters of water a year just to flushing.

With all 300-plus million Americans flushing each time they pee, it would amount to wasting 1.3 trillion gallons of water, or an equivalent of 1.97 million Olympic-sized swimming pools of water each year!

All that water down the drain…

pee 5

Now imagine if you pee in the shower instead.

Far from being unhygienic, this is actually a very clean practice instead. Your urine washes down with the shower water. If you are female, you won’t be putting yourself at risk of infection from bits of toilet paper stuck to your privates after wiping.

Also, think of all the toilet paper rolls you can save while you’re at it.

Toilet roll

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If you are male, there won’t be any leftover droplets of pee left to pungently fester on the toilet bowl rim, either.

Most importantly, you will be saving 17,000 liters of flush water

Source: Getty

Helping address the current water shortage the world is currently experiencing is as simple as peeing in the shower instead of in the toilet.

Let’s all start now.


According to Scientists, They Can Recreate Real Dinosaurs In 5-10 Years

This isn’t going to end well.

Mark Andrew



We’ve all seen Jurassic Park and so we all know recreating dinosaurs can be a terrible idea. Still, several news reports tell us that, yes, scientists are pursuing such a project. The scary part? Well they are pretty optimistic that we’ll soon have dinosaurs again within the next 5 to 10 years.

Ironically, Dr. Jack Horner, one of the paleontologists involved in the genetic research, was a consultant for the Jurassic flicks and was the inspiration for the character of Dr. Alan Grant.

Initially, Dr. Horner believed that recreating these monstrous creatures required working with DNA strands but studies about DNA degradation over the years have made that an impossible direction to take.

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Tiny Ancient Egyptian Coffin Contains A Surprising Secret

No one was expecting the revelation inside this particular coffin…

Dondi Tiples



Researchers curating a collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts in a UK museum rediscovered a tiny coffin measuring only 17 inches long.

For over the century the tiny coffin has been at the Fitzwilliam Museum, nobody knew or even suspected the big secret the sarcophagus was hiding within.

It was Initially assumed to contain mummified organs traditionally removed during ancient ritual burials. When researchers ran a cross sectional CT scan of the cedar sarcophagus, they were amazed at what it contained.

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Finally, Someone Invented and Tested A Hoverboard That Actually Flies

This could be the most awesome futuristic ride.

Jessa Ventures



With how fast the world is changing and greatest technological innovations are coming left and right, it's not surprising to get a taste of the future and be blown away by some 'out of this world' stuff that we used to only read in books or watch in 'sci-fi flicks. 'The future is here and now,' so they say.

At first glance, you might remember Green Goblin's glider from the Spiderman movie or another version from the classic film 'Back to the Future.' But this is no movie though. This is the real deal.

Zapata Racing, a company known for creating water and jet ski powered hoverboards uploaded a video which quickly went viral, now with almost 5 million views on YouTube. It features French jet ski champion Franky Zapata with his latest and futuristic aircraft-- the Flyboard Air or the so-called 'revolutionary hoverboard.'

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