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Inside The Factory of White Rabbit, China’s Most Popular Candy

The iconic candy is more than a sweet treat, it’s a “symbol of happiness.”

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Are you familiar with the White Rabbit Creamy Candy? This popular sweet treat originated from Shanghai, China and is considered by many as a favorite childhood memory.

The iconic milk candy was first publicly sold in China back in 1943. At the time, it was launched by the ABC Company as Mickey Mouse Sweets and it initially featured the image of the Disney character. Things change during the 1950s when the country faced political turmoil and so the mouse was changed into a rabbit come 1959.

And thus was White Rabbit officially born.

White Rabbit is definitely Shanghai’s favorite sweet treat.

In an MSN article, 23-year-old Terry Yang, a native of Shanghai, shared his grandmother worked in a store that sold White Rabbit candies and she used to bring home treats for her children.

He said:

“Every year, my grandparents still get plenty of White Rabbit candies for Lunar New Year. It’s a tradition in our family.”

Although she was born in Germany, Maja von dem Bongart has lived in Shanghai for over two decades and has grown to love the candy, too.

“White Rabbit has always been a part of my memory of Shanghai. My children still buy them when they are back here.”

Aside from the candy itself, White Rabbit is known for its edible rice paper wrapper.

Shen Qinfeng shared:

“I have happy memories of eating White Rabbit myself when I was a child. It wasn’t very common to have these treats then, and I can still remember the rice paper melting in my mouth.”

Shen currently works as the marketing manager for Guan Sheng Yuan Food Group, the state-owned company that now manufactures White Rabbit.

More than a candy – it’s an experience!

Source: WorldMarket

As Shen explained:

“White Rabbit is not only a sweet, but a symbol of happiness. It’s a bridge between different people – between guests, and family members.

“Nowadays, society is very crowded and busy. White Rabbit candy can take you back to the peaceful days, and provide happy and calm moments.”

Check out how they make White Rabbit candies in this video feature:

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According to Shen, their “biggest focus” as of the moment is to “stick to White Rabbit’s tradition while also being innovative.”

He added:

“Older people grew up eating White Rabbit, but the younger generation know the sweet because their parents, their grandparents like it. Younger children now have so many options for sweets and candies – our focus now is how to make White Rabbit appeal to the younger generation.”

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