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Whale Shark Found Slaughtered In China; Police Now Has Suspects In Custody

Whale sharks are supposed to be protected by laws, but somehow they are still being hunted.


After sparking public outrage when photos of a whale shark slaughtered in China went online, local authorities have arrested two fishermen who were responsible for the crime.

Last week, photos of the whaleshark were uploaded to Beihai local government site via Weibo. It showed the innocent, giant mammal approaching an offshore oil rig. Later on, another set of photos of the whale shark was uploaded, but this time, it was hanging from a crane.

This disgusting sight angered netizens from all over the world, as they see in disbelief how such magnificent and harmless creature was treated in such way.

This whale shark was innocently approaching an offshore oil rig in China.


Source: Shanghaiist
According to reports, oil rig workers considered this whale shark as their “old friend,” who usually visits the area at this particular time of the year.


Source: Shanghaiist

After promising to investigate the matter, southwest China police has taken the suspects—identified only with their surnames as Liao and Huang—in custody. According to Xinhua news, both fishermen will be charged with exploiting an endangered species, which they reportedly killed and have its meat sold for a price of $0.4 per kilogram.

Liao and Huang in their defense told authorities that the whale shark was already dead when they found it, reports stated. However, netizens were able to link that the animal on the first set of photos is the same as the one photographed hanging from a crane.

A few days later after the photos of the whale shark popped up, another set was released, but this time, it was a shocking sight for the public.


Source: Shanghaiist


Source: Shanghaiist

Whale sharks are supposedly harmless, vulnerable creatures protected by both Chinese and international laws. In China, when fishermen mistakenly capture these gentle giants, they should be released immediately. Despite having laws against the capture and hunting of whale sharks, they still somehow end up as victims of fishermen who want to profit from their meat.

H/T: CNN, Shanghaiist


Indonesian Villagers Mistook Love Doll For ‘Fallen Angel’

They don’t know what a “love doll” is, and what is it for.

A day after a rare solar eclipse swept across Southeast Asia last March, a fisherman found a beautiful doll floating in the sea off the Banggai Islands in Sulawesi province, central Indonesia.

The fisherman named Pardin took the doll in his home in Kalupapi village, where his mom gave it a fresh change of clothes and a new hijab.

Believing that there was a connection between the eclipse---a deeply spiritual event in the country according to Mail Online---and the doll’s discovery, many villagers claimed it was a “bidadari”, an angel or spirit. They treated it with reverence thinking it was an angel fallen from heaven.

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11-Year-Old Boy Shoots Intruder And Mocks Him For Being “A Cry Baby”

A gutsy eleven-year-old boy shoots at a burglar, hits him on the leg and mocks him for crying like a baby. Now, who’s the boss?

What would your initial reaction be if you happen to be at home and then an intruder breaks into your house to rob it? More often than not, people would either try to escape lest they get themselves in harm’s way. Or, they fight like hell, protecting what they have worked hard for. After all, why should you give in to a robber who is doing wrong? All it takes is mustering a lot of guts.

This is the same of an eleven-year-old boy from Talladega, Alabama, named Chris Gaither. Chris boasted to news channel WVTM of how he shot at a burglar 12 times. Gaither was home alone on a Wednesday morning, when a burglar intruded their home. Gaither grabbed hold of a 9mm handgun and began shooting at the intruder.

11-year-old Chris Gaither shot a burglar 12 times and mocked him for being a crybaby.

11-year-old Chris Gaither shot a burglar 12 times and mocked him for being a crybaby.

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China Claiming Okinawa Is As Outrageous As Japan Claiming Hawaii

A Chinese general said “I am not saying all former tributary states belong to China, but we can say with certainty that the Ryukyus do not belong to Japan.”

In 2013, Chinese officials, scholars and journalists made a bold (and strange) claim – they said Japan’s Ryukyu Islands belongs to their country.

The outrageous statement was based on the historical fact that Ryukyu islanders used to pay tribute to China about 600 years ago. Although the Chinese government has not officially endorsed the claim, they have chosen to remain suspiciously mum about the subject as well.

According to analysts, this may be China’s way of pressuring Japan over the uninhabited Senkaku Islands located in the East China Sea. The islands are administered by Japan but are also claimed by China.

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