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He was Plagued by Bullies at School. What He Did? He Taught Everyone a LESSON!





WestJet  Airlines has been very successful with their marketing campaign every year. Most of them went viral. They were unique, creative and outstanding. Their every campaign expressed something new to the market. It primarily provided a wonderful experience to their customers and clients. And not only that, they promote advocacy that in one way or another, help and inspire people.

One great advocacy of WestJest is the fight against bullying. The goal is simply to create and promote awareness especially to teenagers regarding the negative effects it will bring to the victim and how to cope up with it.  Nowadays, bullying is already becoming rampant and there are lots of stories that have been circulating in the news about such horrible occurrences. WestJest campaign about bullying is just very timely. The way the message is communicated is very clear and direct.

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