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15 Weird Wedding Rituals from All Over the World





Weddings are rife with different rituals that we’ve all pretty much gotten used to. From the bouquet and garter toss to the huge wedding entourages, most of these rituals don’t seem strange to the typical wedding-goer.

But have you ever seen newlyweds jumping over brooms? Or eating out of toilets? Or being pelted with garbage? These are actual wedding rituals that you might not want to be around to witness.

Here are a few more weird wedding rituals to watch out for at the next wedding you attend.

1. In Mauritania, ladies go to fat farms to gain weight in order to be eligible for marriage!


2. Greek weddings break plates at the wedding to scare off evil spirits.


3. There’s a French wedding ritual where the loved ones of the newlyweds eat chocolate out of a real toilet bowl!


4. In Scotland, the newlyweds get pelted with rotten food trash because they believe that if the newlyweds can withstand this, they can withstand everything.


Source: FusionLife
5. People of Daur, China open up a chicken to check its liver. If the liver is healthy, the proposed wedding date is approved. If it’s not healthy, you open up another chicken with a healthier liver.


6. In India, some women are considered cursed because the man they will marry will die early. To avoid this curse, they first marry a tree before marrying their man.


Source: Piplantri
7. Newlyweds in South America jump over a broom to symbolize moving forward with their lives together.


Source: Howstodo
8. In Armenia, maidens eat a piece of salty bread to have a prophetic dream about the man they’ll marry. The man is believed to appear in her dream bearing a glass of water.


Source: Pinterest
9. South Korean bachelor beat the groom’s feet with fish and canes to give him the strength he needs for marriage.


Source: Michael Kwok
10. Some men from Fiji must first ask his beloved’s father for her hand in marriage by presenting him with the tooth of a whale!


11. In Kenya, the bride’s father must spit on his daughter’s head and breasts to bless her. After this ritual is done, she can no longer back out of the marriage because she’ll turn to stone!


Source: GrabLists
12. In Sweden, you can get cozy with the groom during the wedding because when the bride leaves the table, every girl can kiss the groom!


Source: WondersList
13. In Borneo, newlyweds can’t use the bathroom for three days during the honeymoon!


Source: WondersList
14. There’s a Chinese custom where the bride must cry for an hour each day for a month before the wedding.


15. Greek weddings have a traditional money dance where the newlyweds share a dance and guests pin money onto their clothes.


Source: Elan Images

What’s the weirdest wedding ritual in your country? Share them with us below!

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