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Weird-Looking Fish Baffles Visitors With Its Naughty Appearance




  • It was a type of rockfish that looks like a huge penis, head, folds and all.
  • Stephanie Walen reportedly got thousands of messages on social media after posting the photos online.

When planning to visit an aquarium, you should be prepared to see lots of weird creatures, especially if you are not so familiar with the inhabitants of the deep blue sea. But seeing a fish that looks like a huge manhood swimming around the tank? We won’t blame you for staring at the glass to gawk.

Stephanie Walen was strolling around the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport in the U.S. and was taking pictures of the wonderful marine creatures, as most of us would.

One big fish swam up against the wall and startled her: a type of rockfish that looks like a male member – head, folds and all.
The 32-year old grocery worker promptly aimed her phone at the phallic-looking fish and took several pictures, which she later uploaded on social media.

She reportedly got thousands of messages for them.

“People were so flabbergasted and some quite mortified by my photos, I had thousands of people asking whether its a penis or a c**kfish,” Stephanie said.

She shared that the fish was in an aquarium in a tunnel exhibit called “Passages of the Deep.” It was filled with different ocean habitats where visitors can spot sharks, rockfish, kelp forests, and stingrays.”

As grossly fascinating as this fish looks like, this was not the first instance that naughty underwater creatures have made a public appearance.

In December 2019, thousands of smaller penis-looking fish washed up on a beach in California.
The fish was actually called innkeeper worms, which live in small u-shaped underground burrows. These fishes can grow up to about 10 inches long.

It was reported that these creatures got washed up on the beach after they were dragged from the deep by a violent storm.


According to Biologist Ivan Parr, who made the discovery on December 6, “the same phenomenon has been reported over the years at Pajaro Dunes, Moss Landing, Bodega Bay, and Princeton Harbor.”

He also added that these innkeeper worms are actually considered as delicacy in China and Korea, where these creatures are eaten with gochujang and sesame oil.

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