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18 Weird Beauty Gadgets That Promise to Make You Beautiful





We’re all guilty of buying stuff that makes us look beautiful or handsome. After all, who wants to look ugly and bad, right? I guess no one. Apparently though, weird-looking beauty gadgets are now a thing. And as their name suggests, you already have an idea on how they work.

The so-called project “Beauty Warriors” is basically a collection of images featuring the aforementioned gadgets. These products can be found and bought on Ebay, and most of them are made in China. They all promise the same thing: to make you look beautiful without the need of plastic surgery. Sure, they’re cheaper than the costly botulin injections and/or plastic surgeries; however, their efficiency depends on the belief that they’ll work.

The project is courtesy of Evija Laivina, a Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice BA student at the University of Highlands and Island in Inverness, Scotland. The models are either her friends or family, though some are volunteers from social media.

Without further ado, here they are. You might just be compelled to buy one of them.

#1. Face Slimmer

#2. Anti-Wrinkle Mask

#3. Anti-Double Chin Bandage

#4. Nose Straigthener

#5. Smile Trainer

#6. Facelift Bandage, and It Has Spikes Inside!

#7. Eyelid Trainer

#8. Lip Plumper

#9. Eyebrow Stencil

#10. Another Variant of the Anti-Wrinkle Mask

#11. Facemask

#12. Face Massager

#13. Facial Tattoo Measurement Tool

#14. Gold Face Mask

#15. Lip Moisturiser

#16. Nose Sharper

#17. Nose Shaper

#18. Silicone Facemask

Well, what do you think? Are these weird beauty products enough to convince you? Let us know if you’re buying or something in the comments below! (Or if they actually made you laugh!)

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