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Watch Bulldozers Battle It Out in This Unusual Street Fight in China

Construction workers raised their “blades” to ram each other down.

In the middle of a heated argument, some men tend to lose their self-control and physically attack or maul their foe.

But on Saturday, instead of resorting to a fist fight, construction workers from two different companies in China used their bulldozers to take each other down.

In the unusual video below, two bulldozers raise their blades as they ram each other on the streets of Xingtang County in Hebei Province. Clouds of dust filled the road as private cars tried to avoid the melee.

Seconds later, the wheel loader is toppled over. Its driver was fortunate to get out of the heavy machinery unhurt as four dozers join the fight. One of which tries to lift the fallen tractor back up.

The ruckus ended when the police arrived.

Watch the video:

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In the end, two bulldozers were knocked down leaving two drivers injured. All six tractors were damaged to various extents.

On Monday, Xu Feng, a local government spokesman, said that the clash was sparked by an intense business competition between the two unnamed construction companies.

A police probe is underway, and further details about arrests or injuries cannot be disclosed until the authorities are through with the investigation.

According to The Guardian, China’s construction sector has fallen on hard times, and it has affected other industrial sectors. Consequently, many people are losing their jobs.

H/T: The Guardian, ABC.Net, EIDI SuperNova


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