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Waiter in China Pours Boiling Water Over Woman Complaining About Service!





All of us have encountered poor service at a restaurant. Many of us have probably thrown a hissy fit and asked to call the manager to rectify an unfortunate situation, be it bad food or incompetent staff. Most of the time, the restaurant’s staff can’t do nothing but calmly wait for the pissed customer to finish his rants so they can pacify him. It’s mortal sin for waiters to antagonize customers in any situation. Well, not for this waiter in China, who didn’t take a customer’s complaints well…he poured boiling water over her and then slammed her to the ground!

This is what she got for complaining about the service…
You can just imagine the poor customer's pain…


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This may seem too unbelievable, but a CCTV at a hot pot restaurant in Wenzhou caught all the action. The victim, 29-year old Ms. Lin, suffered severe burns on several parts of her body and was rushed to the hospital. Right now, she’s in stable condition but she will obviously be on continuous treatment until her burns heal completely.

The victim before the horrifying incident.


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Burns on her face and neck…


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Extensive burns that are now starting to peel…


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Doctors tend to her blistered body…


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Wrapped in bandages to prevent infection…


Photo credit: Mirror

Police have apprehended the heartless waiter, who have admitted to his part in the shocking incident. He is now under investigation.

Check out the shocking video below!

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