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Voting Can Be the One Act That Will Stop Climate Change in Its Tracks

Did you know that you can do more for the earth by voting for politicians who hold the same views about climate change?

With all these reports telling us that natural disasters are getting more powerful, it’s not that hard to suddenly feel hopeless about the phenomenon that is climate change. And considering that the planet is getting hotter and hotter each year, it’s only a matter of time before we end up with a Mad Max-esque world, right?

Actually, there is one thing you can do as an individual to affect the tide of climate change. Yes, recycling, reducing vehicular use, using solar panels, and all around shrinking your carbon footprint are great ways to help delay the devastation of climate change. However, there’s one other thing you can do to help – and that is to vote.

Your vote actually counts when it comes to climate change.

Your vote actually counts when it comes to climate change.

Source: Inhabitat

Before you go off on thinking that voting systems are biased and not everyone’s vote counts, it’s still the most effective way to prevent politicians who deny climate change from holding office. And on the flip side, your vote can empower those politicians who actually want to fight against climate change.

As a person who agrees that climate change is a danger that threatens everything we hold dear – from our personal security and food supplies to future energy resources – you need to know which potential lawmakers are actually working to address those threats.

And once you have found a lawmaker who has been active in working towards stopping the effects of climate change – whether it’s establishing carbon-cutting frameworks, establishing energy independence, or looking for alternate sources of energy – you need to vote for them. And since they’ll be under the scrutiny of those who are looking to them for change, they genuinely have to do their jobs or face being expelled.

Combine reducing your carbon footprint and voting for someone who will support it.

Combine reducing your carbon footprint and voting for someone who will support it.

Let’s fight against climate change and those who outright deny mankind’s biggest threat. Use your vote wisely!


Oksana Neveselaya, The World’s Hottest Math Teacher, Is Blowing Up The Internet

Math just got a little more interesting!

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Well this time, I guess we’ve just found his female counterpart.

Meet Oksana Neveselaya, a math teacher from Minsk, Belarus.


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Farmer Discovers A Massive Gemstone In His Coffee Farm – But The Government Seized It!

Eventually, the farmer was even apprehended and fined.

How would you feel if you discovered a treasure in your land but cannot have it for yourself? Furthermore, how terrible would it be if the treasure was taken from you and you ended up being apprehended for it?

This story is about Pham Van Chinh, a farmer who apparently discovered a raw 30-ton gemstone as he was extracting coffee from his farm in the Bao Loam District in Vietnam’s Central Highlands region. It turned out, however, that he did not report the discovery to the authorities as was required by the law.

Pham Van Chinh, a Vietnamese farmer, discovered a raw 30-ton gemstone in his coffee farm.


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Actually, years of research has yet to find any substantial evidence that vitamins and supplements do any good. In fact, taking some of these vitamins might actually be bad for you.

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