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Which Vitamins Should You Take and Which Should You Skip?





We all want to have the vitamins and nutrients we need in our body but sometimes, we just can’t find the time to prepare a balanced meal every day. So the best solution would be to take vitamin supplements, right?

Actually, years of research has yet to find any substantial evidence that vitamins and supplements do any good. In fact, taking some of these vitamins might actually be bad for you.

So which is which?

Don’t take: Multivitamins


Source: MISCW

To put it simply, you can get pretty much everything you need with a balanced diet. Also, consuming too much multivitamins can actually cause even more damage than good !

Take: Vitamin D


They keep your bones strong by helping the body absorb calcium. On top of that, getting some sunlight will also give you a Vitamin D boost.

Don’t take: Antioxidants


They’re already found in fruits ang veggies. Also, taking too much can actually increase your mortality!

Don’t take: Vitamin C


Studies have shown that Vitamin C doesn’t actually do anything to prevent your colds, and they can also increase your risk of kidney stones! If you really need some Vitamin C, opt for some fruit like strawberries instead.

Don’t take: Vitamin B3


It’s been over-prescribed! A 2014 study even found that more than 25,000 people with heart problems found that putting people on doses of Vitamin B3 didn’t reduce their incidence of heart attacks, strokes, or deaths!

Don’t take: Probiotics



There actually haven’t been conclusive studies to show that taking probiotics work. But considering their hefty price tag, you’re better off just sticking to yogurt for now.

Take: Zinc


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Zinc might actually be the key to helping you get over your cold. The mineral interferes with the replication of rhinoviruses (the cause of the common cold).

Don’t take: Vitamin E


Source: Pixabay

It’s said to be an anti-cancer vitamin, but in a 2011 study , researchers learned that it can actually increase the risk of prostate cancer compared to those taking a placebo.

Take: Folic acid


Source: Pixabay

But only if you’re pregnant or want to be! Folic acid is a vitamin that our bodies use to create new cells. Several studies have also linked folic acid intake with decreased rates of brain, spine, and spinal cord defects.

Naturally, this is just a guide that’s backed up by science. However, if you were prescribed these vitamins by a doctor, then of course you need to take them! Just keep these risks in mind when you do.

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