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Toddler Miraculously Survived a Stroller Crush by Car Transport Truck





One of the worst nightmares of parents is seeing their children getting caught in an accident. Accidents can be very traumatic and may cause irreparable damages or death and so being extra cautious at all times is a must.

Horrifying incident like this is terrifying but it’s important to remember that presence of mind in times of danger is needed to be able to save lives.

Every second counts, time matters so much when saving a life as providing solution and aid promptly can result to a huge difference between life and death.

Father desperately trying to save his child underneath a moving truck that is carrying cars.

Father desperately trying to save his child underneath a moving truck that is carrying cars.

In the video, a stroller was ran over, smashed and dragged by a huge truck without the driver noticing it. At first, the father was trying to pull the stroller but upon realizing that he couldn’t safely remove the pram from the truck, he hurriedly ran to the driver to stop him from moving.

It can be seen that the father was in panic but managed to handle the situation well by leaving the stroller and running in front of the vehicle to stop the driver. This move of the father perhaps saved the life of his child, one false move or a second delay in action could have cost a life. The pram was badly crushed and eaten by the vehicle but thankfully, the toddler miraculously emerged unharmed under the truck. The child was moving and walking, without any injury at all.

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It wasn’t shown in the video how the truck hit the stroller but fortunately, the toddler is safe despite the horrendous accident.

We can never tell when mishaps will happen, but let us always make sure to be extra careful at all times. Before crossing the street or whenever you are outside and on the road, be extra vigilant to the things around you and always be on guard.

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