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Would You Take a Ride on This Swing at the Edge of a Cliff?





Adrenaline junkies, we have a new challenge for you – will you take a ride on a swing? Not just any swing, though, but one on the edge of a cliff!

Yep, you read that part right. Tourists and thrill seekers alike are totally digging a swing on the edge of a thousand-foot cliff in China. Part of Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park’s attraction, the swing overlooks a misty and vertigo-inducing steep cliff. Entrance to the theme park is free, but visitors must pay 90 yuan to ride the swing, visit a horseshoe-shaped walkway, and walk on a glass-bottomed bridge.

Netizens are expressing concerns about safety issues, especially when a short clip of a tourist riding the swing surfaced online. One user commented, “What if the screws fall off, the ropes break? You will dive off the cliff,” while another stressed, “Treasure your life.”

Watch the short clip below and see how terrifying it really is:

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Well, if you’re going to try it for yourself, we only have one advice for you: Don’t look down.

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