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Would You Take a Ride on This Swing at the Edge of a Cliff?

Challenge accepted? Or not?


Adrenaline junkies, we have a new challenge for you – will you take a ride on a swing? Not just any swing, though, but one on the edge of a cliff!

Yep, you read that part right. Tourists and thrill seekers alike are totally digging a swing on the edge of a thousand-foot cliff in China. Part of Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park’s attraction, the swing overlooks a misty and vertigo-inducing steep cliff. Entrance to the theme park is free, but visitors must pay 90 yuan to ride the swing, visit a horseshoe-shaped walkway, and walk on a glass-bottomed bridge.

Netizens are expressing concerns about safety issues, especially when a short clip of a tourist riding the swing surfaced online. One user commented, “What if the screws fall off, the ropes break? You will dive off the cliff,” while another stressed, “Treasure your life.”

Watch the short clip below and see how terrifying it really is:

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Well, if you’re going to try it for yourself, we only have one advice for you: Don’t look down.


Family Saves 3-Year-Old Boy Who Almost Died After Being Buried In Beach Sand

Kudos to these guys who helped save the poor boy.

If you’re a parent, losing sight of your child on a crowded beach can be the stuff of nightmares.

In an incident that recently happened on California’s Newport Beach, two women went in panic as they searched for a missing 3-year-old boy – and it almost ended in tragedy. Fortunately, quick-minded bystanders readily helped them search for their child.

Jesse Martin, 35, was at the beach and he immediately asked two of his twin uncles Steve and Stuart Frost, to join him in the search.

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3-Year-Old and 5-Year Old Kids “Steal” Family Car So They Can Visit Grandma

Parents, be careful where you leave your car keys.

If you’re like most of us, the only time you may have committed crimes in your life was when you were playing the Grand Theft Auto games.

We’ll, we’ve all got nothing against these badass pint-sized crooks who stole a car and crashed it.

According to a report by the Federal Way Police Department in the state of Washington, two children – ages 5 years old and 3 years old –‘stole’ their family SUV and then crashed it into the side of a Volvo.

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17 Strange Yet Innovative Inventions From Japan

Now I can’t decide if these are useful or just plain silly. LOL!

Japan has always been known for their innovative inventions. Besides, this is the country that gave us anime, instant noodles, Nintendo, pocket calculators, emojis and a whole lot more.

That said though, there also isn’t an absence of absurd, crazy creations in the country. Just check out the photo compilation below and you’ll immediately see what I mean.

#1. Butter Grater

1. Butter Grater

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