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Mother Rat Rescues Her Baby From a Snake in an Epic Roadside Battle


There is no greater love than that of a mother to her child. Though this old adage may sound cliche, it remains true not only for humans but for animals as well.

We have seen loads of photos and videos that show how animal mothers protect their young ones circulate throughout the internet, but we have never seen anything quite like the one that you are about to see.

This particular video displays how far a mother would go to have her child – even if it means risking her own life. What is amazing in this clip is the fact that despite the odds, the dam, which belongs way down the food chain, dauntlessly fought a mighty predator, which, in this case, is a snake of unknown species, in order to save her pup.

Fortunately, the odds were in her favor.

Curious to see how the dam fended off the mighty reptile?

Watch the video below:

[fbvideo id=”10209800465990358″]

It is unknown whether the pup was safe, as the video only shows the pair scurrying off into the bushes after the tense encounter. But there is always that glimmer of hope that somewhere, in one of the burrows in that field, both dam and pup are safe.

Also, it is unknown where this video was filmed, but we are sure about one thing, though – a mother’s love and determination really work wonders.

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