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7 US Towns That Are Famous For The Weirdest Things

#4 is truly one of the strangest places in the world!

Nobelle Borines





Many cities in the United States are known for their stunning landmarks. However, the US also has small towns that are famous for their quirky tourist attractions.

Some of these places have landmarks that are truly unique. For instance, Waterbury in Vermont is known for the Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard. The ice cream giant actually has a special resting place for flavors that have been discontinued. This is where you can find old favorites like Miz Jelena’s Sweet Potato Pie, Wavy Gravy, and Holy Cannoli.

Here are seven US towns that are famous for the weirdest things:

1. Riverside, Iowa – The Future Birthplace Of Captain Kirk

Ever wondered where Star Trek’s James T. Kirk was born? Riverside claims to be the birthplace of the future USS Enterprise captain, who will be born sometime in 2228.

The claim is not exactly canon since Star Trek has never revealed which town Kirk is from in Iowa. Nevertheless, Riverside celebrates the captain’s birthday with a festival known as Trek Fest.

2. Seward, Nebraska – The World’s Largest Time Capsule

In 1975, Harold Davisson decided to preserve the year and create a time capsule that can be enjoyed by future generations. Interestingly, the 45-ton vault contains up to 5,000 items from the 1970s and the time capsule is considered the largest in the world.

Davisson’s time vault certainly had some competition. Although Oglethorpe University countered that their “Crypt of Civilization” is bigger, the Seward time capsule was still granted the title by The Guinness Book of World Records.

3. Clarksdale, Mississippi – The Devil’s Crossroads

There is a legend about blues musician Robert Johnson selling his soul to the Devil in exchange for the gift of music. It is unclear if this is true. Nevertheless, the town of Clarksdale is known for being the location where Johnson made the deal.

The location where US Highways 61 and 49 converge is popularly known as the Devil’s Crossroads. It’s a great place to visit for blues fans but we wouldn’t recommend making a pact with the Devil there.

4. Centralia, Pennsylvania – The Ghost Town That Inspired A Horror Film

There is a reason why Centralia is known as the “City That Burns”. A coal mine fire that started in the town back in the 1960s continues to blaze underground. Unfortunately, this has led residents to abandon their homes, leaving Centralia with a population of 7 people.

It might not be a scenic tourist spot but Centralia has found fans of a different sort. Screenwriter Roger Avary was reportedly used the town’s desolate atmosphere as the inspiration behind the film adaptation of Silent Hill.

5. Scottsboro, Alabama – Unclaimed Baggage Capital of the World

We’ve already mentioned Scottsboro before. After all, it’s the best place to go to if you lost your luggage during a recent flight.

Although unclaimed baggage might not sound very enticing, some lucky retailers have found great treasures in the town. Amazing finds include ancient Egyptian artifacts and a 5.8-carat ring.

6. Gibsonton, Florida – The Sideshow Town

Have you ever wondered where carnival workers go when they retire? Most of these interesting people live in Gibsonton, which they lovingly call “Gibtown”.

Gibsontown is certainly an eccentric location where the former local police chief was a dwarf. Moreover, the residents have developed their own secret language.

7. Whittier, Alaska – The Town Under One Roof

Most towns are made up of several residences. However, Whittier in Alaska is renowned for having only one building.

The residents of the town live in a 14-story condominium known as Begich Towers. It also has a church, the police station, a convenience store, and the post office.


7 Leaning Monuments That Are Cooler Than The Tower Of Pisa

#7 is just unbelievable!

Nobelle Borines



The Tower of Pisa is known for its tilt, which is attributed to its inadequate foundation. Although it is a popular tourist spot, it's just one of several leaning monuments found around the world. Some of these towers are larger and have a bigger slant than Italy's infamous campanile.

All of the entries in the list are easily accessible for curious folks. However, we wouldn't advise looking for the Minaret of Jam these days. The 213-ft tower was built in Ghor, Afghanistan back in 1194. In addition to the treacherous 12-hour journey over sharp rocks, the roads leading to the tower are controlled by the Taliban. Meanwhile, here are seven impressive leaning monuments that are way cooler than the Tower of Pisa.

1. The Tower Of Bad Frankenhausen (Germany)

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Cafe In Seoul Will Make Visitors Feel Like They Walked Into A Cartoon

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Coffee lovers are not that hard to impress. All they want is a good coffee and a nice ambiance. But since people nowadays are more drawn to places that are unique and Instagram-worthy, cafes have started to think outside of the box.

Knowing what consumers are looking for, a cafe in South Korea offers visitors a one-of-a-kind experience that they couldn’t resist. For those who have ever watched a cartoon and wondered what it would be like to step into that world, Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 in Seoul now allows you to experience that.

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7 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Iceland

Case in point, Iceland’s crime rate is so low the policemen don’t carry guns.

Nobelle Borines



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We have already covered Iceland in a list that included puffin hearts, midnight sunshine, and elves. However, there are so many awesome things about the Nordic island that it deserves a second look. Here are seven more surprising facts about Iceland.

1. The Last McDonald's Burger Meal Sold In Iceland

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