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30 Unbelievable Ways People Found Their Lost Items

You just need a little ounce of faith, which is exactly what these people did.






Losing a thing or two is heartbreaking, and people don’t care whatever that is. It could be wallet, a credit card, or a special memorabilia. When something goes missing, people will try their best to look for it. They hope and even pray that one day these missing things will reappear – even if the gods don’t allow it.

Interestingly, there are cases that this missing stuff just surfaces out of nowhere. And usually, this happens in situations or places you don’t expect the most. You may have thought otherwise, but such scenario is actually possible.

Not convinced? Well, why don’t take a look at these mind-blowing stories of people being able to find their lost gems.

#1. When all of a sudden, you fished from a lake you're decade-lost wallet.

Source: -F1ngo
#2. When you lost contact of a man you met 14 years ago.

Source: Reddit
#3. Yup, good people still exist today.

#4. Well, how about that?

Source: Zugenia
#5. A woman lost her wedding ring 16 years ago , but was lucky to retrieve it from a…

Source: BoredPanda
#6. When you finally found the toy that your deceased dog used to play two years ago. Manly crying now.

Source: amsterdaam
#7. Good thing this car key just got stuck here.

Source: feinkevi
#8. Don't worry. The sixth book in the series was found.

Source: supergillis
#9. The note trick does it really well.

Source: Reddit
#10. iPhone was lost few months ago but was found frozen in a driveway.

Source: wholesalec
#11. These skates were hung there for centuries. Many thought nature would destroy them, but nope.

Source: Dspot16
#12. 2 years after they went missing, man finally found his eyeglasses.

#13. All childhood memories are well-kept inside.

#14. 18 years of lost change…

Source: ladyjump
#15. His favorite golf ball was embedded on a tree trunk for years.

#16. This guy finally found his beloved ring… beneath the monitor.

Source: CDXXnoscope
#17. Yes, that’s a wedding ring retrieved from a carrot.

Source: ebonence
#18. Sometimes, you just can’t let go of your childhood stuff.

Source: jmunoz
#19. Dad bought a metal detector to help find his son’s old map, which got lost 20 years ago. Dad had no idea what this pipe is.

#20. Go, Timothy. Go!

Source: timburrows
#21. A decade later, zip-offs were recovered. Nostalgia.

Source: colindean
#22. Guy lost her wedding ring in Atlantic Ocean (WTF?), but luckily, the woman found it using a metal detector.

#23. When your mom surprisingly recovered your favorite map which went missing for years.

Source: Tripleberst
#24. Husband thanked wife for finding his favorite tie which he thought he lost.

Source: PaiMei
#25. This wallet went missing in an ocean for 25 years. 25 freaking years!

Source: shrivel
#26. iPod got lost for one a half years, and guess where it was hiding all along.

Source: calesdawu
#27. Believe it or not, this luggage went on a trip down the river for six years.

Source: cleeder
#28. When 29 years ago you badly wanted to watch Prince live but couldn’t because the ticket was lost. Well, it was hiding behind your book.

Source: Flower_King
#29. This guy found his wallet – still full of cash- which he lost in fourth grade.

Source: Clayterch
#30. The joy of finding your Mitch Hedberg autograph!

Source: camshaftcarb


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