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U.K. Researchers Offering People $4,588 To Get Injected With Coronavirus

They need 24 brave men and women for this experiment.

  • The Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre in London is now scouting for 24 men and women to be injected with the coronavirus (COVID-19_ strain) in their desperate move to find a cure for the deadly disease.
  • These people will be paid $4,588 each for the experiment.
  • The said study is expected to start soon as it receives proper approval.

The scientists of Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre in London are looking for 24 brave souls who will participate in their “flu camp” to be injected with the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19). They have been scouting for volunteers in their desperate attempt to find a vaccine for the disease that has killed thousands worldwide. 

For a participation honorarium of $4,588, medical research and development company Hvivo will inject those 24 volunteers two weaker strains of the virus which would cause them to experience mild respiratory symptoms.

Prior to that, these human ‘guinea pigs’ will receive “a battery of tests” prior to joining the flu camp. After passing the test, they will be given the two coronavirus strains, 0C43 and 229E.

Doctors, who will be in their protective gears and ventilators, will then administer them existing vaccines and analyze the volunteers-turned-patients’ responses to the cure. The result, the report say, will help the scientists to focus on “the most effective treatments.”

While being sick, these patients will be quarantined in their facilities for two weeks with restricted diet, without any human contact in the outside world, and even without exercise.

“Drugs companies can get a very good idea within a few months of starting a vaccine study whether it’s working or not, using such a small sample of people,” Hvivo’s chief scientist Andrew Catchpole said.

So far, the U.K’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has yet to approve the study. Catchpole said that the testing will immediately begin once it is approved.

If you are brave enough to sign up for something like this, you may register in Hvivo’s official website .


Coronavirus Conference Gets Canceled Because of Coronavirus

Ironically, one of the canceled events is supposed to tackle the disease.

  • A conference about coronavirus in New York has been canceled to avoid spread of the dreaded disease.
  • The state has implemented a 1-mile radius containment zone to further control the virus.
  • Next to Washington, New York has the most number of infected individuals in the United States.

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Italy Places Entire Country Under Quarantine To Fight Spread of Coronavirus

Italy has implemented a nationwide lockdown after a rapid rise of COVID-19 deaths.

  • Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has declared a nationwide lockdown in an attempt to further prevent the spread of coronavirus.
  • The total number of infected individuals in the country has now exceeded 12,000.

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Philippines Declares ‘State of Public Health Emergency’ After Confirming Local Transmission of COVID-19

Confirmed coronavirus cases in the country have now jumped up to 20.

  • Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte has approved a proposal to declare a State of Public Health Emergency for the country.
  • The said executive order makes it easier for the government to implement price freeze and to access needed medical supplies.
  • Health officials continue to warn the public about coronavirus prevention as confirmed cases have reached 20.

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