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Video Shows The Dangerous Journey of Bringing Huge Wind Turbine Blades To The Mountaintop






Wind power has become a valuable alternative in our current quest for renewable sources of energy. Now, thousands of years after the first windmill was invented, hundreds of sophisticated wind power plants have been constructed worldwide.

Wind turbines are the structures that harness wind energy and then convert it to usable electricity. They are located strategically, often on mountains. But, have you ever wondered how these giant wind turbine blades are transported all the way from the ground to the top of a mountain, thousands of meters above sea level?

We know you’re curious, so we’ll show you how it’s done. The video below shows how several wind turbines were transported from the ground to the mountaintop. Each turbine, measuring at least 160 feet in length and weighing at least 80 tons, was loaded on a truck and carried through steep slopes of around 30 degrees and 212 perilous sharp turns. This dangerous yet impressive work was undertaken in a windfam project in China.

Watch and be amazed:

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The trucks delivered a total of 90 wind turbine blades. It took them five hours for each blade to reach the top, at an altitude of 2900 meters. Quite an accomplishment, huh?

Well, we definitely do not want to be in those truck drivers’ shoes! Can you imagine just how scary it must have been to drive a massive truck carrying an eight-ton passenger through narrow, snaking, mountainside roads? And, can you also imagine driving alongside those trucks? We are just glad that nothing went wrong on all 90 trips!

But hey, really, nothing worth having comes easy, right? So, kudos to the people involved in planning and executing the said feat! That’s more green energy for China!

Watch the full video:

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