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If You Think Traffic is a Problem in Your City, then You Haven’t Seen this Traffic Jam in China





Rush hour traffic is the bane of a commuter’s existence. Everyday, commuters have to face massive traffic jams in major thoroughfares, causing them stress even before they reach the workplace. What’s worse is that aside from wasting our time waiting for the heavy traffic to subside, it costs us even more when we factor in the cost of gasoline and loss of productivity in our respective jobs.

It’s almost impossible to find a major urban city without any traffic problems, but I bet when you see this traffic jam in China you’ll never complain about heavy traffic again.

Watch the aerial video of this insane traffic jam in an expressway in China:

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Just looking at the long lines of cars is disheartening. I wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of that nightmarish traffic jam!

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