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Returning Marine Snatches His Sister Out Of The Car. Their Reunion Wrecked My Heart





There’s something about reunion stories that can really touch a person’s heart. From the moment we see the surprised look on people’s faces to that intense bear hug when they finally approach the arms of the people they love, everything is priceless! And I’m thinking that this particular moment is extremely special when you haven’t seen the person in such a long time. Or if you aren’t even sure if you’ll ever see them again. For instance, when we have a family member who risk their lives to serve and protect the safety of the people and the country.

How do you think the families of our courageous military men feel whenever their sons or daughters are called in for duty and likewise, how these brave men feel whenever they leave. Every time they get into a battle and face the horrors of war, some of them may be thinking that they might never see their families and friends ever again. I can only imagine a reunion that’s so simple yet so emotional.

Like in the case of this marine who was only expecting his brother-in-law to deliver his motorcycle in Arizona. What he didn’t know was that his 8-year old baby sister will be tagging along.

Watch how the marine reacted in this video:

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H/T: SFGlobe

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