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Top Reasons She’s Just Not Into You

Maybe, she’s really just not that into you, bro. Decode her actions.

Kat Lozada





It must have been months now since you’ve met and you’re still not sure if that girl you’re crushing on at the office likes you back just as much. It has to be said that if a woman is in to you, she will definitely let you know and you would feel it. But if you’re having second thoughts and are quite unsure, then maybe, just maybe, she’s just not into you that much, man.

Now if you want to mull over why she doesn’t like you back, here are possible reasons why the woman you’re pining over, must not be into you:

#1. She just does not trust you

It’s been said time and time again that trust is the foundation of any relationship. Women bank on trust and when they cannot trust the person, they would most likely not date that person. Why would you even let a person you don’t trust into your life, right?

#2. She still loves her ex

She still loves her ex

This is not to say that something is wrong with you, but she’s still hung up on someone else. Until she’s ready to date and fall in love again, you will have a hard time getting her to like you back. Don’t force the issue if you really want her to love you back.

#3. Friend-zoned


A woman tends to place members of the opposite sex in either of two categories: just friends or man I want to sleep with. If she’s already labeled you as a friend, she would most likely show it if not even be vocal about it. Now, unless you know in your heart that she’s the one, don’t ruin a great friendship for a night in the shack.

#4. You just don't fit her 'ideal man' list

You just don't fit her 'ideal man' list

Face it, everyone has a checklist of their own version of ‘The One’. If you don’t fit the checklist, you’re just not the guy for her and you’ll have to accept that.

#5. You're not successful or ambitious enough for her taste

You're not successful or ambitious enough for her taste

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Women like their men ambitious because it’s hot. A man who knows what he wants, can take care of himself, has a job, pays the bills and does other things a real man would. If you don’t have this quality, then you’re sure not to get her heart.

#6. There's just no spark or sexual tension

There's just no spark or sexual tension

Let’s be honest. Physical attraction is just as important as emotional connection. Attraction is something that can’t be faked and if she doesn’t see you on that level, you might as well kiss your chances goodbye.

#7. You dated or slept with her friend

You dated or slept with her friend

If guys have a bro code, women abide by this rule: no sharing of boyfriends. Women are naturally territorial and if they know that you already slept with a friend, you won’t be hitting the sack with her ever.

#8. You just don't click

You just don't click

This happens a lot. Just because you have similarities, doesn’t automatically mean that you’re good for each other already. Also, sexual chemistry isn’t enough to keep a relationship going. So if it’s all that you have, you can be sure that she would say goodbye to you, stat.

#9. She thinks you're just full of sh*t

She thinks you're just full of sh*t

Stop trying to pretend that you’re some big shot when you’re not. Women can smell a jerk from a mile away. Be yourself if you want to get the attention of the woman you like.

#10. She's just not into you

She's just not into you

We can come up with a whole lot of other reasons why the woman you love doesn’t seem to reciprocate your feelings. The thing is, the reason is plain and simple: she’s just not into you.

Instead of devoting your energies trying to find out why she doesn’t love you back the way you do, focus on improving yourself and enjoying what you have at the moment.

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