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The Appearance of Your Tongue Surprisingly Reveals Something About Your Health

Watch your tongue, literally! It might tell what sickness you have.

#6. Purple tongue


Diagnosis: Blood circulation problems

So you didn’t drink Kool-Aid or had any grape or any other violet-colored foods, but your tongue is purple. This actually can signify a lot of different things but the main culprit mainly lies on your blood circulation. There may be problems with blood flow that makes the tongue deoxygenated or lacking in oxygen carried by blood. Some of the known causes of blood circulation problems are high cholesterol and hypertension, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, and even end-stage terminal illnesses. Consultation with specialists is a must!

#7. Black hairy tongue


Source: Mayo Clinic

Diagnosis: BHT (Black Hairy Tongue Syndrome) or Lingua Villosa Nigra

Okay so this one seems pretty hardcore right? And even the name is so scary! So is this condition deadly? Apparently not. BHT or black hairy tongue is not really life threatening. It just results from the overgrowth of papillae and then it becomes colonized by bacteria. Normally, papillae don’t grow very long, but in cases such as prolonged tobacco use, chronic heavy coffee drinking, dryness of mouth or dehydration, use of certain medications, and poor oral hygiene overgrowth and discoloration may result.

#8. Persistent red big or small lesions


Diagnosis: Tongue cancer

This is actually the one you must worry about. Normally in the earlier stages, these persistent, never healing and aggravating lesions may not present with any pain at all. Later on the lesion progress into tumors. Chronic heavy smoking is again found to be a major predisposing factor. Consult a doctor immediately when you see this condition.

Do not mistake this with canker sores (mouth or tongue sores)!

Differentiate the two lesions. Canker sores or cold sore may occur when we are stressed, had a little too much smooching and some HPV infection. It usually resolves by its own, and is only small sized and is not disseminated, though it can be painful.

#9. Wrinkles and cracks

fissures tongue

Diagnosis: Aging!

Believe it or not, it’s not only on the skin that aging can show, even in our tongues too! A wrinkly and cracked or fissured tongue may occur during old age. It is normally a harmless condition despite the unappealing appearance. It only becomes harmful when bacteria develop on the cracks resulting to painful sensations on the tongue, and foul smell. Maintain oral hygiene to prevent this. If you are already using implants or dentures, make sure these are also routinely cleaned or replaced and not harboring massive bacteria in it already.

#10. Pinkish, with hills and valleys

Diagnosis: Normal tongue

Congratulations! You have nothing to worry about so far. If your tongue is healthy looking with the occasional grooves and normal sized papillae, then you are fine. Continue maintaining oral hygiene! 🙂

So pay more attention to your tongue next time, they may say more than you think! And if you are gonna lock lips and tongue with someone, maybe it also pays to inspect first!

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Source: Reader’s Digest, Daily Mail


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