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Toddler In Forward-Facing Car Seat Was ’Internally Decapitated’ After Car Crash

“She will never be able to do sports or tumbling, riding horses – or cheerleading even.”






Tanya Bender was left devastated after a car accident left her two-year-old granddaughter “internally decapitated” two years ago. The toddler’s skull detached from her spine after the vehicle she was traveling in with her mom struck a brick pillar and overturned in Central Point, Oregon.

Tanya has created the group Keeping Littles Safe In Car Seats on the social media platform and shares regular posts about her granddaughter Aniyah. This concerned grandmother’s effort is to help raise awareness of the risks of using forward-facing car seats for children who are too small for them.

In a heartbreaking story that has been shared multiple times, the Oregon-based grandmother posted a warning on Facebook saying:

“I want to share what happens if you go by just minimum requirements. In most States, the minimum requirement to forward face is two years old.”

She then began to share the story:

“Aniyah was two years old when she was in a car accident forward facing. Her seat was correctly installed in the car seat according to the car seat requirements and the law now. If she had been rear facing, she would have not suffered any injury at all.”

The grandmother added that Aniyah is now four years old. She also noted that the little girl is doing okay, but she wanted to share her story so others would not suffer the same problem.

Although Aniyah is now doing well, Tanya said the impact of her injuries are actually long-lasting. “She will never be able to do sports or tumbling, riding horses – or cheerleading even.”

Internal decapitation is classed as an injury characterized by complete disruption of all the ligaments between the occiput and C1.

It is quite obvious why children are most at risk for internal decapitation during car accidents compared to adults. Kids are still developing and their bodies are not yet fully balanced from head to toe. In fact, their spines and necks are much weaker than an average adult.

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Study Reveals Just One Energy Drink Can Increase Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke

Is it worth the risk?




Just one energy drink is enough to cause heart problems, experts have warned. Drinking a couple of energy drinks may seem to be an innocent habit to keep you active throughout the day, but the research that was done for years revealed that it could lead to a lot of serious health risks.

Although there were warnings regarding the unhealthy effects of downing some energy drinks, they are still one of the most common and popular drinks in the United States. Now, the American Heart Association’s summit in Chicago suggests that drinking even just one energy drink can have a negative effect.

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Scary Things That Happen To Your Body When You Are Dehydrated

#5 is terrifying!

Nobelle Borines



There's a good reason why we are always advised to drink as much water as possible every day. Dehydration can have some scary side effects on the body that could lead to something worse. Although too much water can be a bad thing, not enough H2O can also have dangerous results.

Dehydration occurs when the body is not getting enough fluids or losing fluid at a rapid pace. Its symptoms include dry skin, sunken eyes, dizziness, confusion, and fainting. Severe dehydration can lead to certain illnesses. Here are the scary things that happen to your body when you are dehydrated.

#1. Dry Skin And Sunken Cheeks

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Wash Your Hands Before Touching Little Ones As Father Shares How He Almost Lost His Baby

Wash your hands before touching little ones.

Angela Beltran



Did you know that washing your hands can actually save lives? It's a simple habit that can do more than just cleaning your hands but also preventing the spread of pathogens or disease-causing microorganisms.

A father shared the story of how he almost lost his baby because of a viral infection, which was linked to the spread of germs by dirty hands. His baby acquired the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) caused by viral meningitis.

The father shared how he learned the lesson the hard way, as his baby almost died due to the infection.

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