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35 Times Mothers-In-Law Proved Themselves to be Witty and Funny

This only tells us that not our mothers-in-law can also be funny as hell.

When it comes to mothers-in-law, we can definitely agree on a lot of things. Some of us love them for their c**** and nasty jokes. However, there are those who think otherwise. In any case, these ladies of our lives are usually stereotyped being intrusive, overwhelming, and – c’mon on – mean.

It can’t be denied, though, that mothers-in-laws all come in different shapes and sizes. They don’t necessarily have to be a pain in the (you know the word). Perhaps they just want to convey what’s best for their loved ones. Besides, they’re human, too. They’re bound to fail at certain times.

But today, we’re going to feature the best and hilarious mothers-in-law from around the world. This list features their wittiness, cleverness, kindness, and naughtiness. So, without further ado, here they are below. Check them out!

#1. When your mother-in-law just knitted your snake a sweater.

Source: mikey11
#2. She certainly knows how to handle excess stuff.

#3. And sometimes, they want you to wear things that embarass you.

Source: t0pd4wg
#4. That’s why she’s been asking you to put the blinds into good use.

Source: ecsig05
#5. This doesn’t need any introduction.

#6. Apparently, someone’s mother-in-law knows how to Photoshop.

Source: SalmonAskOh
#7. Trolling level: Mother-in-law.

Source: ryannegri
#8. Now, would your mother-in-law do this?

#9. Oh yes, they certainly love this band.

Source: 06EXTN
#10. They also know how to decorate bathrooms the right way.

Source: golfnerdshow
#11. She just decided to buy a goat and have it dressed.

Source: dankhorse
#12. This definitely sums things up.

Source: bitburner
#13. Because bow and arrows are too mainstream.

Source: bearlegion
#14. A gift is still better than late.

#15. She thought this reads “ass19.”

#16. For the love of art, yes. Wait, what?

#17. When your mother-in-law is an avid fan of Pokemon GO.

Source: Langlock
#18. Just another mother-in-law-photoshop level.

Source: Madbao
#19. She didn’t realize this Christmas tree ornament looks like a huge toe.

Source: JoshuaHubert
#20. Oh, yes. Some of them love memes.

#21. The evolution of a kid’s temper tantrum courtesy of a mother-in-law.

Source: Dankaay
#22. Someone just knows how to protect you in the woods.

Source: stacybw
#23. They love giving pot holders, too.

Source: kungfuguapo
#24. Some mothers-in-law would go the extra mile just to attend dinner.

#25. When it’s the first night of hannukah and your mother-in-law gives you this.

#26. Well, someone clearly knows how this game must be played.

#27. They have their own tricks to woo traffic enforcers.

#28. She tried to attend an art class because of this awful “Chip and Dip” piece.

#29. This is worth reading.

Source: Rhyndzu
#30. A mother-in-law’s best gift.

Source: getitgirl08
#31. She certainly knows what supplies to buy for the wedding.

#32. They’re fond of reusing old boxes, too.

#33. What will you do if your mother-in-law does this to you?

Source: swimcoachtj
#34. Yup, they also decide on things like what to wear for Christmas.

Source: Th3lurk3r
#35. If this isn’t funny to you, then you’re completely missing something.

So, what do you think about this funny compilation? Does this give you another reason to love – or hate – your mother-in-law even more? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!


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