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Woman Falls Asleep on Air Canada Flight, Wakes Up Later to a Dark and Empty Plane

To make matters worse, she has anxiety disorder which made her ordeal more terrifying.

  • Air Canada passenger Tiffani Adams fell asleep during her flight and was shocked to wake up to a deserted plane.
  • She managed to open the plane’s door and was rescued by a baggage handler who helped her out of the 50-foot drop from the tarmac.
  • The airline is currently investigating the incident.

No matter how long or short your flight is, there is absolutely no chance of you being left alone on the plane if you happen to be still asleep after landing, right? This only happens when you ride the bus or train, since there is no one to wake you up when you reach your stop.

Well, apparently…no. This Air Canada passenger found this out the hard way, when she woke up to dark plane after her flight from Quebec to Toronto.

Tiffani Adams fell asleep during the 90-minute flight. When she opened her eyes, she was all alone and still buckled to her seat inside the empty plane, which was cleared and parked in her destination airport.

An Air Canada plane being cleared out after landing.

She recalled her experience on Air Canada’s Facebook page.

“I fell asleep probably less than halfway through my short 1.5 hour flight,” she wrote.

Sharing for my friend Tiffani AdamsAnother sleepless night for moi unfortunately insomnia doesn’t care that I work in…

Posted by Deanna Noel-Dale on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Several hours later, she was awake and freezing cold in the completely dark plane. In the midst of her panic, she tried to call a friend but her phone was low on battery and immediately shut down. She wanted to charge it but of course, the plane’s electricity has been turned off.

To make matters worse, Adams revealed that she has an anxiety disorder, thus making her ordeal more terrifying. She managed to reach the plane’s cockpit and was able to find a torch. Using the light, she reached the main door of the plane, only to discover the 50-foot drop to the tarmac below.

She sat on the floor with her legs dangling out the door. She used the torch to call anyone’s attention. It was a baggage handler who ultimately came to her rescue.

“He is in shock asking how the heck they left me on the plane.. I’m wondering the same (when my seat is an inch back or my tray is down flight crew take notice, but yet you missed a person still strapped into her seat and just all go on home?!?!),” she recalled.

The baggage handler helped her out of the plane and escorted her to the airport building. From there, she was met by Air Canada staff.

Air Canada verified the incident. A spokesperson declared that the airline is currently investigating the incident and that they are keeping in touch with Adams.


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