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Funny Short Film Shows How A Man and A Woman Never Gets The Chance To Meet Each Other





Consider me late to the party but I just recently discovered this hilarious short movie from Wong Fu Productions entitled “This Is How We Never Met.”

In case you haven’t seen it yet, this one is about a man and a woman who both spent some alone time at the park. They, of course, notice each other, and are both interested about the idea of meeting the other person.

The story is told through the narrations of both characters and that’s where things get really funny. Whether you are a guy or a girl, you will be able to relate to the characters. Yes, most of their lines will sound very familiar. The same thoughts may have ran on your head as you were hoping to catch the attention of a cute stranger.

Go watch the video here:

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Ladies and gentlemen, there lies the problem with analysis paralysis. You try to read and analyze the opposite sex’ every move, attempting to be 100% accurate about his or her thoughts so you will know how to proceed later on. Everyone wants to play it safe – too safe, for the most part, in fact.

But as you have just seen in the video, you just might lose your desired reward if you are more focused on being cautious. Opportunities may knock only once but you need to be ready to grab it, just in case it comes your way.

If it turns out to be a complete failure, then that’s okay. At least, you gave it a try and you won’t have any regrets at all.

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