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The 25 Best Places to Spend Christmas

Take a peek at 25 of the best destinations where to spend Christmas.

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Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate the holidays than by traveling to places where it would be interesting to party and enjoy. Experience how other countries party during Christmas and have fun as well, too!

25. Castleton, England

Source: dean H

Castleton is a small English village that has Christmas trees all over and candlelit caroling inside caves.

24. Chicago, Illinois

Marvel at the numerous holiday lights around Magnificent Mile and enjoy the Christkindlmarket with the family.

23. Reykjavik, Iceland

Source: wikipedia

Aside from the ice cold weather, Reykjavik is full of unique Christmas traditions like the Scruffy Santas.

22. Key West, Florida

Source: wikimedia

It’s the warm, tropical weather and the relaxed beaches that makes Key West a great option for the holidays.

21. Quebec City, Canada

If it’s snowmobiling and hiking you’re looking for, Quebec is the perfect destination for you.

20. Tromso, Norway


The Northern Lights is quite an awesome view in Tromso. If you’re lucky, the night here is longer and “day” is just for a few hours.

19. Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg attracts around 2 million tourists each year because of its remarkable Christmas market with over 200 vendors with amazing displays.

18. Taos, New Mexico

Source: Pinterest

Christmas at Taos is magical with luminarias lined up in the streets, a special reenactment of Joseph and Mary’s search for shelter and the American Indian Christmas Eve tradition.

17. Barcelona, Spain

Source: wikipedia

Christmas celebration at Barcelona starts January 4 with a lot of festive fireworks and an interesting parade of elephants, camels and giraffes.

16. Durango, Colorado

Looking to spend the Christmas in the mountains? Durango is your best spot if you want to be surrounded by nature.

15. Paris, France

Source: landlopers

The streets are lined with hundreds of lights making Paris a beautiful holiday destination for just about anyone.

14. Venice, Italy

Venice is popular for its grand holiday decorations. Christmas is a great time to visit this romantic place.

13. Aspen, Colorado

Source: wikimedia

White Christmas? Aspen is the destination for you. There’s skiing, holiday musical events and lots pretty decorations to enjoy.

12. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is home to the most colorful and vibrant Christmas celebrations in the world that includes fireworks and lights shows.

11. San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you’re not particularly fond of snow, Puerto Rico’s tropical weather might be good for you. Oh, and of course, the partying here never stops.

10. Provence, France

Christmas lights and cobblestone streets are inviting and the music emanating the air from the churches will make you feel the holidays. Don’t forget to visit the big Christmas market at Place Massena.

9. Santa Claus Village and Santa Park, Napapiiri, Lapland, Finland

Tour Santa’s workshop and take selfies with the resident reindeer. Enjoy the holidays at the Santa theme parks located in the Arctic Circle.

8. Charleston, South Carolina

Source: wikimedia

Charleston is famous for its eggnog spiked with bourbon and their shrimp with grits during the holiday season. Don’t miss the Southern way of celebrating Christmas.

7. Boston, Massachusetts

Source: wikimedia

Holidays at Boston means being surrounded by over 2800 gas lamps, lighted Christmas trees and lots of people enjoying the Christmas markets.

6. Prague, Czech Republic

Source: Travel Zoo

The beautiful Christmas decors and the Gothic and Baroque architecture makes for a perfect holiday setting in Prague.

5. Santa Claus, Indiana

Source: Wish TV

When your city is named after Santa Claus, trust that the residents will surely live up to the guy that symbolizes Christmas.

4. Cologne, Germany

Source: Travel Zoo

Cologne has eight, huge, jaw-dropping Christmas markets. No other city can top that.

3. Munich, Bavaria, Germany

The city of Munich has a 100-foot tall Christmas tree. That alone should be enough.

2. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Tons of Christmas lights adorning the city streets create a cozy holiday experience for any tourist.

1. New York City, NY

Source: Passion Read

The Rockefeller Christmas tree will leave anyone awestruck. The tree is covered in 30,000 lights and topped with a 550 pound star. No wonder people love this city especially at Christmas.

So, where are you staying for Christmas?

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