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Unscrupulous Factory in Thailand Is Recycling Used Face Masks To Sell As New

Workers were caught in the act, ironing used face masks and then putting them back in boxes.

  • Thailand law enforcers raided a factory where workers ar recycling used face masks.
  • The masks are being sorted out and ironed before placing them in boxes and selling them as new.
  • Health experts have emphasized that single use face masks should be disposed after use.

Authorities in Thailand recently raided a factory in the province of Saraburi. According to reports, the establishment has been recycling used face masks and selling them as new in the market.

The raid happened just this month under the leadership of Wihandaeng district chief officer Somsak Kaewsena who said that his office has received information about the illegal activity. He and his team quickly took action, giving the place a surprise visit.

Caught in the act! Six workers in a factory have been recycling used face masks in Wihandaeng, Thailand.

The cops discovered six workers sorting out and using flat iron on used face masks before placing them back into boxes. According to one of the workers, a dealer supplies them with the used face masks but they don’t have an idea where the items come from.

After their investigation, Somsak shared:

“Workers said they got paid at 1 baht (S$0.04) per piece, while they recycled around 300-400 masks per day per person.”

A supply shortage has been making it difficult for locals to buy their own face masks.

Police immediately confiscated the face masks and samples were brought o the Ministry of Commerce to discover their origin. Somsak likewise got in touch with the public health office to file a complaint against the factory, pointing out that their operation could put public health at great risk.

Health experts have repeatedly warned about the importance of wearing clean face masks amid the spread of coronavirus.

According to the World Health Organization, people should replace a mask “as soon as it is damp.” Single use masks should never be re-used and should be properly disposed right away.

As of this writing, Thailand has 114 confirmed cases of coronavirus. 1 death has been recorded in the country.

Watch this video report:

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