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Thai Wedding Photographer Turns Couples Into Cute Miniature People

So adorable! Wish I thought of these concepts when I got married!


I really feel like wedding photographers have gotten extremely better this past few years. I was married in 2012 and while I think our pictures were lovely, I’ve been seeing a lot of new awesome wedding photos on my social media feed which kinda makes me green in envy. They’re really great and creative!

Case in point, the snaps below are so adorable they make me wish I thought of these concepts back then. Taken by Ekkachai Saelow, these awesome photos have recently taken the internet by storm making it to popular websites such as PetaPixel and BoredPanda, among many others.

The couples are turned into miniature creatures and then placed in whimsical situations where they interact with common objects such as toy cars, plants, insects, pencils, animals, and more.

Ah, the magic that happens when brilliant imagination and Photoshop expertise are used in perfect harmony. I just love how the ideas were brought to life. They’re really well-executed and never cheesy in any way.

Go scroll down and see for yourself:

Ekkachai Saelow, a wedding photographer from Thailand, turns his subjects into miniature creatures.

miniature wedding photos 1

miniature wedding photos 2

miniature wedding photos 15

He makes the couples interact with everyday objects – such as toy vehicles.

miniature wedding photos 3

miniature wedding photos 5

miniature wedding photos 10

The name of his photography business literally translates to “Small Person.”

miniature wedding photos 4

miniature wedding photos 8

miniature wedding photos 9

miniature wedding photos 14

Ekkachai’s work has been featured in different websites which eventually led to greater social media attention.

miniature wedding photos 7

miniature wedding photos 12

miniature wedding photos 11

This is how he made one of his photos:

miniature wedding photos 6

miniature wedding photos 13

miniature wedding photos 20

Here’s another behind-the-scenes shot:

miniature wedding photos 16

miniature wedding photos 17

miniature wedding photos 19

miniature wedding photos 18

With all the online buzz he’s getting, we can’t help but conclude that business must be going really well for this wedding photographer lately. Well, he totally deserves it anyway!

Kudos to you, Ekkachai, for the fantastic shots.


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