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This Glass Walkway in China is the Most Terrifying Ever!

I’m quite content down here, thank you very much.

Spanning 100 meters along the side of Tianmen Mountain is China is a glass walkway that even the bravest adventurers may think twice before crossing. Suspended in mind-numbing 4,600 feet in the air with a clear view of what you’re walking on (or what you’re not walking on, depends on how you see it), The Coiling Dragon is the latest of China’s blood-freezing tourist attractions.


Source: Mirror UK

This walkway in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan province has 99 turns around the side of the sheer cliff part of the mountain. There are safety rails where tourists can cling on to their dear life.

Source: Stuff NZ

For the truly brave, the glass walkway is the perfect place to enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountain, as well as the perfect opportunity to take the best selfies ever.

Source: Getty images

Of course, the glass is as strong as the seemingly indestructible as the one in the longest glass bridge, which is also located in the park.

Source: Mirror UK

So just how strong is the glass on these Chinese structures? Well, the park authorities actually cracked the glass and then DROVE A CAR FULL OF PEOPLE OVER IT.


Source: BBC

In a safety ceremony on July 26 to prove the sturdiness of Zhangjiajie glass bridges, the organizers challenged 30 daring volunteers to take 12 pound sledgehammers and do their best to collapse the bridge. As promised, the glass came out fine. The top layer of glass did crack. But the bridge itself withstood the onslaught.

A man strikes a hammer against a 430-meter-long glass-bottom bridge during a safety test ceremony

A man strikes a hammer against a 430-meter-long glass-bottom bridge during a safety test ceremony, in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province, China.

Still, I’d think really hard before crossing the walkway or bridge. I feel like peeing just by thinking about it.


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1. Mandrake roots are real. And yeah, they look like creepy babies.
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