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Teen “Expelled” for Playing Pornhub Theme Song at School Talent Show

“When you know, you know.”

  • During a talent show, a student drummed the familiar music of the porn website.
  • The other students obviously know the sound too well, as the gym erupted into cheers.
  • The clip was uploaded on TikTok, with one user saying it was “bullsh*t” that the student was expelled.

Most may not admit that they watch it, but that does not change the fact that porn is one of the most common and addictive past times ever. Now anyone who’s into it nowadays should definitely know what PornHub is. We can safely bet that the website is on the search history (if not bookmarked) on every avid watcher’s computers or mobile phones.

Of course, regular visitors should definitely know the website’s theme music. If you hear it in public and you recognize it…well, it’s very obvious. In this viral video, basically a room filled with high school kids are very well acquainted with the said site’s theme.

So during a talent show held in a school gym reportedly located in the U.S., one of the students got behind the drum set and hit the few notes of the popular theme.

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…which elicited a roar from the people inside. Students started to cheer and jump as they recognized the all too-familiar bars of the well-known site.

Pandemonium ensued and unfortunately, the student behind the drums was reportedly expelled for his stunt.

The short clip was uploaded on TikTok and the person who published it also claimed that the drummer was expelled.

“This kid got expelled for playing the Pornhub intro song during a school rally. Absolute b***shit!” TikTok user Bob Menery commented.

Another TikTok user posted a clip of the incident from a different angle in the gym. “If you know, you know,” he commented.

The student’s identity and the school where it happened are not clear at the moment.


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