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Suffering From REALLY Bad Breath? You May Have Tonsil Stones!





Most of us have our bad breath days that can be easily remedied by brushing teeth or gargling with mouthwash. But some have developed stinking breath that seems chronic and we feel for these people – there’s nothing like foul breath to make one avoid talking to people and cowering in embarrassment. If you happen to suffer from repeated bouts of tonsillitis and you have breath so foul that no amount of brushing, washing, or dietary changes have worked, have your doctor check you for tonsil stones.

More common among people who often suffer from tonsillitis, these stones (also called tonsillolith) are wedged in holes that developed in the tonsils. These tonsil crypts can accumulate food, dead cells, and bacteria that can solidify with the help of extra calcium deposits.

These stones will stick in tonsils and can stay there without you knowing.

Source: healthline

So imagine having these stones lurking in your tonsils for YEARS. Imagine the stench it will produce everytime you open your mouth.

Aside from bad breath, tonsil stones can also cause pain and ear infections. The bigger the stones get, the more problematic it will be.

Source: youtube

There are two ways to remove these pesky stones. If they are close to the skin surface, you can actually remove them yourself using toothbrush or cotton swab. Some recommend gargling hard with salt water to remove them.

Press gently on the stones until they come off.

Source: Mirror UK

If it’s in too deep or too painful, let the doctor or a dentist remove them instead. They can recommend a procedure called tonsillectomy, which removes the tonsils and adenoids.

You can prevent having tonsil stones and save yourself the embarrassment of having foul breath. Good oral hygiene is a must, so you need to brush teeth regularly and gargle with mouthwash or salt water. You also need to stop smoking and drink lots of water.

Watch this video to know more about tonsil stones:

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