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11 Stunning Photos Of Brides Before And After Getting Wedding Makeup





They say a woman’s inner beauty truly shines through on the day of her wedding. Not surprisingly, these lovely brides are proving just that with stunning photos that captured them before and after their wedding makeup.

Arber Bytyqi is a beauty artist based in Prizren, Kosovo. Although he is known for his work on gorgeous models, Bytyqi has gone viral for the amazing way he gives brides a magical glow. The artist truly has a Midas touch, expertly enhancing a woman’s natural beauty in the best way possible. Take a look at some of the stunning brides before and after Bytyqi works on their wedding makeup.

Bytyqi accentuates the bride’s best features and gives her a gorgeous glow.

We can’t wait to see the groom’s reaction when he sees this bride!

Isn’t she lovely?

Bytyqi says he has always been fascinated with beauty. “The first drawings that I did were of eyes, girls or dresses. I used to take my mom’s make-up and play with it when I was only five years old, so I knew that I’ll become a makeup artist pretty early,” he said.

“When I finished high school, my family didn’t want me to continue my studies in the beauty industry because in our culture it’s considered taboo if a male works in this industry. So, at first, I got a master’s degree in economics and only then did I follow my dream and started working as a makeup artist,” Bytyqi revealed.

She knows she looks gorgeous, you can tell from that smile.

Bytyqi knows how to make a woman look her best.

We’re loving that confident little smile.

The beauty artist explained how he comes up with a client’s bridal look.

“When I meet my client, the first question I ask is what kind of occasion are they getting their makeup done for. I also ask my clients if they have any specific requests. For example, if they want a natural or dramatic look,” he said. “Then I ask them [to show me] the dress that they are going to wear. The design of the dress and its details reveal the style of the look the client is going for. Then, I analyze their facial features.”

Ready to see this bride walk down the aisle?

The beauty artist made sure those lovely brown eyes will turn heads!

From sweet young woman to glamourous bride!

Not surprisingly, Bytyqi is in demand around Kosovo. Nevertheless, he tries his best to make sure every blushing bride looks her best on her wedding day.

“We serve more than one thousand brides in a year. The summer, in particular, is a very demanding season for bridal makeup. During this period, I and my team serve as many as 60 or more clients daily,” he said.

Who wouldn’t want to look like a princess on her wedding day?

Overall, these ladies look gorgeous before and after their wedding makeup!

What do you think of these stunning brides’ before and after looks? Let us know in the comments below.

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