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Infographics Show What Could Happen When You Ditch The Corporate World And Go For Start-Up





Maybe you’re beginning to get tired of your regular commute to the office or your fixed working hours that you start to wonder “what if it’s time to leave my current job and start a business I can call my own?”

Not everyone finds the corporate world exciting, but still some people choose to stay because they aren’t sure if there’s still something for them out there or they just don’t have the guts to try out something new.

If you are one of those people, here are photos that might help you decide to take that start-up plunge.

corporate-vs-startup (1)

This is the usual scenario when comparing a corporate job to a start-up business. Both entail hard work, perseverance and dedication to get to certain point in your career. But between the two, it appears that a start-up business is a much bigger risk to take and one mistake could cost you your money, time and effort. Failure can happen to anyone, be it in a start-up or a corporate world, but what matters is that you’re doing something you know you’re happy with.

But if your main concern about starting your own business is failure, you have to remember that the biggest companies you know of today started from scratch. Check out some of their stories below.

corporate-vs-startup (7)

Source: Anna Vital

corporate-vs-startup (6)

Source: Anna Vital

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Source: Anna Vital
“Not all those who wander are lost.

corporate-vs-startup (9)

Source: XCulture

If you feel like you’re going nowhere, just remember that some of the biggest names from various industries today didn’t taste their success overnight.

And then there are also those who dropped out of school but are now reaping the benefits of a start-up business.

corporate-vs-startup (8)

If you wanna go for it, do it. It’s never too late.

corporate-vs-startup (5)

Source: Anna Vital
Unsure where to begin? Here’s a quick guide.

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Source: Anna Vital
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