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This Footage of an Angel Visiting a Dying Girl Will Make You Believe in Miracles





Chelsea Banton was born prematurely and with developmental disabilities. She has also been battling with serious health problems all her life. At a very young age, she had been hospitalized due to pneumonia, hydrocephalus, life-threatening viral infections, shunt revisions in the skull, and fluid retention. When she reached 14, she suffered from pneumonia again, but the infection was so severe that it left her on the brink of death.

The infection had spread from one lung to the other. She later had sepsis, blood clots, staph infections, E. coli, atelectasis, and feeding problems. Chelsea spent seven weeks in the hospital on life support. Every time the doctors tried to take her off of the ventilator, she struggled for her breath. The doctors knew that she wouldn’t survive. It was heartbreaking for Colleen, her mother, but she decided to turn off her life support and let nature take its course.


Photo credit: today

“We had been praying every day, my oldest daughter and I and Chelsea,” Colleen said. “Praying for a miracle.”

“I wanted to do what the Lord wanted me to do,” she said. “And I really felt like I had her for 14 years, and if it’s time for her to go to heaven, then I know she’ll be healed.”

But, when the doctors pulled out Chelsea’s life support, and as Colleen sorrowfully waited for her to take her last breath, a staff saw something strange on the hospital’s security camera. A bright, white light manifested at a door near the dying teen’s room.

Within an hour, Chelsea miraculously began to recover, and everyone was at a loss for words.

The staff showed the footage to Colleen, and when she saw the image, she knew in her heart that it was an angel.

Colleen believes that her daughter was saved by divine intervention.

Watch the video:

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In these trying times, some people find it hard to keep their faith; to believe in God and in miracles. But, every now and then, something as mystifying as this incident happens. People may contend with the authenticity of the footage. People may try to find a scientific explanation for that bright light.

But, Chelsea is alive. She recovered even though doctors said she won’t. That alone is a miracle.

How about you? Do you believe in God, in angels, and in miracles? Tell us what you think.

H/T: The Beginning is Near, Today, Fox News

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