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By the Time She Saw her Son’s Gift, She Can’t Help But CRY!





Our parents are the most significant persons in our lives. We won’t be here if not for them. We cannot ignore the fact that most parents would do everything to support their kids in helping them achieve a brighter future. Our success in life is the dream that our parents wanted see.

Along with that success, life would be happier and more complete if we have a good relationship with our parents or with those who made themselves responsible for our upbringing. When one is in good terms with one’s parents, it will create a special bond between the parent and the child.

While some parents are strongly independent that they do not oblige their children to give them something in return to their obligation, nevertheless, there would come a time when it is our turn to give or take care of them. We must remember that no matter what, parents should be honored and be provided help in the most possible way we could. Indeed they are the only parents we have in the entire world.

This young man in the video showed us how he made sure he will give the most special gift to his parents.

Watch the uplifting and inspiring video:

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The young man’s name is Joe Riquelme, the creator of Videoshop, iPhone’s successful video editing application. Using the money he earned from the app, he paid the mortgage of his parent’s house as a gift for them on a Christmas day. We saw his parents cried in tears of joy for what he did, we also saw the beauty and strength of the bond between the parents and their child.

This video may look similar to other inspiring videos you may find on the web but after I watched it, I was really speechless. This young man is an inspiration to all of us.

Credits: JoeyTrombone

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