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Smartflower, the Smartest Sunflower Solar Panel that Collects Energy from the Sun





Solar energy-gathering technology is on the rise which absolutely means good news for our environment! More and more people are embracing this earth-friendly source of energy and innovators are working on creating some of the most efficient means of gathering energy from the sun.

Now let us introduce the Smartflower, which is a smart solar panel that follows the sun throughout the day. As opposed to the static solar panels you may be used to seeing on rooftops or lawns, the Smartflower, much like a sunflower, follows the direction of the sun to ensure that it gathers as much sunlight as it can throughout the day. This means it is capable of producing 40% more energy than regular solar panels.

The Smartflower adjusts to absorb as much sunlight as possible.

Source: Smartflower

The Smartflower is capable of generating up to 4,000 kWh a year. That’s the equivalent of an average household’s daily use of electricity. And it’s not even an eyesore, as the Smartflower looks like a whimsical ornament that stands at 16 feet tall.

Its daily routine consists of unfolding at the break of dawn and instantly facing the direction of the sun. As it unfolds, tiny brushes on the back of each panel dust off the panel beneath it, so you won’t have to manually clean each panel. Keep in mind that something as seemingly trivial as dust can reduce the efficiency of solar panels. The Smartflower then automatically moves to face the sun throughout the day. And at night or during strong winds, it folds itself up back into its base.

While it may look huge at 16 feet, it automatically folds up at night.

Source: Smartflower

The Smartflower is designed with a plug-and-play system. Installers can quickly move the solar panel from one place to another, which makes it easy for those who are on the move. And as an aesthetic touch, it comes in a variety of colors – berry, lavender, mermaid, amber, porcelain, pearl, jungle, and ocean.

Visit the Smartflower website to learn more.

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