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Sleeping With A Fan On Could Be Bad For You





Whether it’s the long, summer months that have you blasting your fan or it’s just a preference to sleep with circulating air in the room, ceiling or stationary fans can be a huge help. There’s really no better feeling than coming in from a hot day of yard work and sitting in front of a cooling fan, right? But what about sleeping with a fan on?

It’s pretty tough to deal with the scorching summer days without air conditioning. And while it seems to make perfect sense, sleeping with a fan on in your room during humid summer nights is something you definitely shouldn’t be doing.

According to Live Science:

“Anything that causes rapid air movement, including a fan, can evaporate moisture from your mouth and nasal passages, drying them out. Fans may also circulate dust, which could bother people who have allergies.”

As the fan moves air around the room, it causes flurries of dust and pollen to make their way into your sinuses. Therefore, if you’re prone to asthma, hay fever, or general allergies, the wind could be doing you more damage than you think.

For those who sleep with their eyes partially open, sleeping with a fan on also be at a disadvantage because their eyes will obviously be completely dried out which could cause irritation.

Cold air can also cause muscle contractions, and so exposure to this air at night may lead to a stiff neck in the morning.

And if you sleep with your eyes partially open you could also be at a disadvantage because your eyes will obviously be completely dried out which could cause irritation.

Of course, you can’t totally get rid of fans as most people use it every single day. The best thing you could do to avoid certain problems is to keep it at a safe distance from your bed.

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