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He Changed the Face on a $20 Bill! Check Out How It Was Done!





I am always fond of watching magicians do their tricks in front of the camera. It never fails to amazed me how they come up with those amazing illusions. Extraordinary as they may seem, but in reality, nothing is really extraordinary about them.  Magicians have no special powers but rather they only have the abilities to become creative and artistic in entertaining people. I am not a skeptical person and I appreciate what they have been doing. In one way or another, I am and will always be entertained by them.

Honestly, I also tried performing some magic tricks of my own but most of the time I ended up imitating them. I even searched the internet for some simple tricks which I secretly tried practicing in my room. The result? Nahh.. I literally sucks. Fortunately, I found some tricks that do not need any extensive practice. Just like the awesome tricks shown in this video. No need to practice and no special materials needed. I can’t believe they are so simple!

Watch the Amazing Illusions:

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H/T: SF Globe

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