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Shocking Video Shows Five-Story Building Casually Floating Down The River





In this modern world, there really are a lot of amazing, shocking, and bizarre things that are happening around us. Thanks to technology, most of these moments are captured on video and shared on all sorts of social media platforms.

Recently, residents in Chongqing, China looked out their window and saw a five-story building casually floating down the Yangtze river. Many were so amazed but wondered how a structure that big could cruise down the river like it was a boat without even sinking in the water?

As it turns out, the five-story building is actually one of the last floating restaurants in Chongqing City. The massive structure was forced to relocate for violating the regulations at its previous dock.

The Chinese government has taken steps to ensure to protect the river from the waste that these floating restaurants dump on. Since mos of them don’t have waste management facilities, the government has officially prohibited these kinds of establishments.

But while the building is capable of floating and had actually been doing so for years, it does not have a motor power and could not move on its own. Thus, when it needed to be transferred, the five-story floating restaurant had to be pushed by two boats.

Young netizens joked that the building was being shipped to Hogwarts, but the wizards forgot to put up an invisibility shield around it to prevent muggles from seeing the edifice.

Since it’s very hard and sometimes impossible to move a building from one location to another, many were impressed that whoever was in charge of the relocation for finding a successful way to do so.

The five-story floating restaurant is certainly not the first perplexing and amusing building we’ve seen in China, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Watch the video here:

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