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6 Shocking Proofs That Frozen Food Is Actually Good For You





We resort to frozen food if we don’t have enough time on our hands or we’re too tired to cook up a decent meal. However, it has always been in everyone’s mind that eating frozen food is an unhealthy habit. But is it really?

As it turns out, eating frozen food also has its benefits. Here are six surprising reasons that frozen food is good for you.

1. Some frozen foods are healthy too.

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Jenn LaVardera, MS, RD said:

“For frozen foods, the biggest concern can be sodium, so you want a product that’s on the lower end of the choices available. Also, check things like trans and saturated fat and sugar (these should be low) and protein and fiber (these are good!).”

2. You can use mix fresh food with frozen food.

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Adding frozen food to your fresh dish is a smart idea to incorporate it into your recipe.

3. Frozen food also have nutrients as fresh foods.

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Not all frozen food is tasteless and useless. Sometimes they are even healthier for you than your fresh meal. Some fresh foods are sprayed with chemicals while frozen foods are cleaned up and packed.

4. Frozen foods could be a good option if you’re in a hurry.

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Jenn LaVardera said:

“A frozen quinoa and veggie entrée is a better choice than a bowl of cereal and will take just as much time to prepare when you come home late starving.”

5. Frozen foods are cheaper.

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Despite being much cheaper than the fresh option, frozen food taste just as good.

6. Frozen meals are perfect for portion control.

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Health and Wellness Expert for Maple Holistics Caleb Backe said:

“If you are in the middle of a long-term plan which incorporates portion control into the mix, then eating a frozen meal as part of that plan could be beneficial.”

It is worth noting once again that you should always read the labels before buying frozen food because obviously, not all are good for you.

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