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This Dance Is So Seductive It Will Make Your Hips Move On Its Own

This is so sensual.. So romantic.. And so erotic… <3

Every dance and music have a story to be told. That must be true for Isabelle and Felicien whose chemistry is undeniable when they start dancing. The adorable pair in the video is dancing the sensual and romantic Kizomba dance – the most popular Angolan dance form that is very mesmerizing to watch.

I just can’t stop looking at them. The way the sway their hips makes me wants to move mine too. The music is also beautiful and very romantic.

Watch the Mesmerizing Video:

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Kizomba is a dance that originates from Angola in the late ’70s and the music is based on the Antillean Zouk and dance the Argentine tango. It is a sensual dance that allows you maximum freedom of expression even in the early hours course.

Here’s Another Video:

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These People Are Ice Fishing. You Won’t Believe What Comes Out Of The Hole!

OMG… These people are crazy!

These Canadians are ice fishing on a frozen Canadian lake. Throwing hooks under a layer of ice through a 60 cm hole. In this kind of environment it's not easy to figure out whether there are any fish to catch, so they send someone down to investigate. Can you believe this?!


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Kids Get Paint All Over Their Faces… Daddy’s Reaction was Hilarious!

Daddy catches them with paint on their bodies and all over house…what happens next is hilarious…


When Daddy Mihai Patriche caught the kids with paint all over their bodies and the house, he quickly brought them to the bathroom to clean up. However, before he gets them clean, he has to make them understand they had done something wrong (else they do it again!).

So, he begins to question them whether they knew they were in trouble and who started the mess they had gotten themselves in.

painted tots...

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This Kindergarten Gets Unexpected Revenge On His Terrible Teacher. Hilarious!

Once there was a woman who desperately wanted to be a college professor but could only find work as a kindergarten teacher.

Once there was a woman who desperately wanted to be a college professor but could only find work as a kindergarten teacher. She wasn’t fond of her job, and thus she wasn’t too patient with her class! Her name was Mrs. Canker, but everyone called her Mrs. Cranky…’cus that’s what she was!

One day, she was reading her class a book that was FAR too difficult for innocent 5-year-olds to understand when she came to the word “definitely.” Obviously, a bunch of kindergarten kids aren’t too clear on the definition of a term like definitely, but Mrs. Cranky didn’t care.

To make sure the students had a good understanding of the word, she asked them to use it in a sentence....

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