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Scientists From Harvard Claimed There May Be An Ancient Earth Inside Earth.





Remnants of the ancient earth may still be existing up to this day. This is the breakthrough discovery presented by Harvard scientists at the Goldschmidt conference in Sacramento, California.

According to the study, the unexplained isotope ratio found in the earth’s mantle is now being theorized as a product that existed prior to the earth’s collision with another celestial body 4.5 billion years ago. This collision is also said to lead to the formation of the moon.

Associate Professor Sujoy Mukhopadhyay who led the research explained that the entire planet did not melt after the collision, and that some parts of the ancient earth still remain in the mantle.

But how exactly did these scientists got this idea?

Is there an ancient Earth within the Earth?


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The team studied the noble gases found on the Earth’s surface and those in the mantle. They particularly compared the isotope ratio of these gases, and later found out that the ratio of Helium (3He) to Neon (22Ne) isotopes are higher on the surface of the mantle than those found in the deeper layers. Furthermore, Xenon isotopes 129 and 130 were also analyzed, and strengthened the hypothesis. 129-Xenon is a product of a radioactive decay of 129-Iodine. This means that the ancient layer of the Earth’s mantle existed during the planet’s first 100 million years.

Professor Mukhopadhyay further explains,

“The geochemistry indicates that there are differences between the noble gas isotope ratios in different parts of the Earth, and these need to be explained. The idea that a very disruptive collision of the Earth with another planet-sized body, the biggest event in Earth’s geological history, did not completely melt and homogenize the Earth challenges some of our notions on planet formation and the energetics of giant impacts. If the theory is proven correct, then we may be seeing echoes of the ancient Earth, from a time before the collision.“

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