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Crazy Scientist Shoots Himself Underwater to Prove the Rules of Physics





Scientists are known to go to extreme lengths, even to the extent of laying their own lives on the line, in the name of science. Some scientists deliberately enter the lair of extremely dangerous animals to observe them while others offer themselves up as guinea pigs for their own experiments. Yes, all for the sake of science.

And physicist Andreas Wahl is no exception. You might think of physics as boring, with all its principles and explanations of torque, motion, gravity, and what-not. But Andreas Wahl just might prove to you, that no, physics doesn’t have to be boring; it can be fun and amazing too. However, his methods of explaining the laws governing physics are rather unconventional, albeit extreme.

Andreas has uploaded videos of himself testing centrifugal force and evaporation through rather extreme stunts and in his recent video uploaded in Youtube, he tested the differences in resistance between air and water – by firing a bullet into his abdomen underwater. Yes, you read that right. Why? Because science.

Watch his daring experiment below:

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Source: Popular Mechanics

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