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What Does Science Say About the Average Penis Sizes in Different Countries?





It’s controversial, but definitely interesting. There’s always something about penis size that gets people all riled up (not to mention hot and bothered). But what does science really have to say about the average penis size? Do the stereotypes hold true wherein black men are more likely to be bigger down there and Asian men tend to have the short end of the stick?

TargetMap recently released an interactive map to show findings about penis length from all over the world. To check out the average length for each country (in centimeters) just hover over or tap the country of your choice.

TargetMap's guide to each country's average penis size.

TargetMap's guide to each country's average penis size.

So without actually opening the interactive map, what are some highlights?

As per the stereotype, Asia has the shortest reported length with Russia, China, India, and Japan averaging between 11.67 – 13.47cm, and South Korea, North Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Thailand averaging between 9.66 – 11.66cm.

As for the longest penis size, those averaging at 16.10 – 17.93cm are Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Central Africa, and Congo.

America, with its diverse population, has an average length of 14.15cm, which is just a tad longer than Canada’s average of 13.92.

Going against the stereotype is Tanzania, with an average length of 12.93 – the shortest in the African continent.


But before you start generalizing, you have to consider the fact that these average lengths are for flaccid penises. And we all know that there are showers (those with just a small difference in length between the flaccid and erect state) and growers (those whose flaccid length is a far cry from their erect length).

Secondly, it’s very important to note that in a recent study, women were found not to care all that much about penis size. In fact, only 11.2% said it was of any real importance, and an astounding 67.4% said that it was only somewhat important.

What’s the bottom line? Whether or not your actual length is close to your country’s average, what matters is that you know how to use what you’ve got and you keep it healthy!


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