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Can’t Keep It Up? Erectile Dysfunction May Signal Heart Disease

If you can’t keep it up, you might need to have your heart checked.


Are you having problems with erection or you simply can’t keep it up? A new study says this is a red flag for a heart disease risk.

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Erectile dysfunction is already a huge problem for men. To add up to the burden, these men are at a high risk of having cardiovascular (CV) disease.

Having problems in keeping it up?

Source: Pixabay

The researchers found that young men who suffered from impotence or erectile dysfunction are at a heightened risk of developing heart disease – the leading cause of death among men across the globe.

The findings, which was published in the journal Vascular Medicine, revealed that there is a significant link between impotence and impaired endothelial function, an important marker of the blood vessels’ ability to relax or dilate fully.

The endothelium is a thin membrane that lines the internal structure of the heart and blood vessels. A problem with the endothelium is already a known factor for stroke and heart attacks.

Erectile dysfunction affects 40 percent of people aged 40, and the percentage increases to nearly 70% in men aged 70 years.

Source: Pixabay

The authors explained:

“Our study findings indicate that [young] men [with erectile dysfunction] are at greater risk of having identifiable subclinical CV disease and will benefit from an active CV disease work-up.”

“Our study supports a more aggressive CV disease risk assessment and management for persons with erectile dysfunction, including young men who may otherwise be categorized as low risk due to their young ages.”

Also, the researchers found that erectile dysfunction was tied to the increased carotid intimal medial thickness or carotid IMT, an indicator of atherosclerosis.

Erectile dysfunction can help detect the presence of heart disease.

Source: Pixabay

The team hopes that with the new data on hand, the presence of erectile dysfunction especially among young men could be used as a tool to detect the risk of cardiovascular disease. This way, earlier interventions can be done like modifying the lifestyle, engaging in regular exercise, and promoting overall heart health.


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